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Eff. Hue. Sea. Kay teehee

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The contents of this blog are not scientific in nature. I am not a doctor nor anything close to medical world. I am just sharing what I have googled (I understand that some info could be just from "grey papers" since internet isn't that reliable)  these past few years and some of my personal views. I refuse to cite my sources because I am too lazy to do so. Hahalukayin ko pa ang baul ko. LOL

(The blog "Not a virgin anymore"  inspired me to post this)

This is for the couples who are sexually active but do not want to be parents, just yet.

1. A woman should know her body. Dude, this is basic. She should know her cycle; the number of days, whether sh e is regular or not, the symptoms during ovulation so on and so forth. You know what I mean; you are not a newborn baby, doll.

(Please note that menstrual cycle might change sporadically depending on the mode of your, yes sexual life. Based on my personal experience – which I do not intend to actually include here but I was grasping for a reference so-, my menstrual cycle is longer (33 days) when I am sexually dormant LOL what a vagcano (that’s because I love puns). However, when I am active it is average or shorter (28 days or less).

(In addition, A girl might miss her period after she had her first sexual encounter a.k.a deflowered a.ka. virgin, no more. That is why sometimes, there is a pregnancy scare. I suggest, women should not have sex while they are still in t...