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Love Lost And Other Poems (revised edition)

Submitted by on September 15, 2017 (8 months ago)
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For No One

When love has gone

and lovers are estranged,

the words of love once sweetly spoken,

the vows of love so bitterly broken,

the fragments of dreams, and the  promises broken.

Where have they gone?

The look of love, once so intense,

now forever beclouded by tears

for the love they thought would last for years.

The sweet feeling, the tender embrace, the sensual touch,

the soft whisper  and warm  caress

 now  leave a bitter taste of sadness.

Where does love go when its gone? 

Love Lost

wherever you are  now,

i hope  that life has been kind to you,

that you are blessed and happy

as I always pray for you to be.

 how great is my regret  for the love  I   had  once 
the anguish of  knowing  I  passed   that  golden chance.

now, like stardusts  in the darkened  galaxy,

fragments of our moments   will forever be  in my memory ..

haunting  my  nights and my days.. after all these years,

 after all the loves,  after all  the people   through the years,

 nobody has loved me the way you  loved me…..

nobody has gazed upon me with such loving eyes…..

nobody has uttered my name with so much  tenderness


Sabik (The Love Letter to Forget)

Submitted by on April 1, 2016 (2 years ago)
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She is a regular liker ng mga post ko sa efbi. That's when I first noticed her. Basta may post ako, almost always, she was the first to like and at some, commenting.

My curiosity was aroused and before I know it, I started following her post, liking and commenting too.

It was a little over three months na ganon ang nangyayari. Until one day, a post of her, got my attention...

Dear My FB Friend,

Nine years ago (or more), I asked my friend to ask you, for your number. She obliged and my life has changed forever.

I betrayed you. I am deeply sorry for falling in love with you while pretending to be a text chum. I promise, that I never had any intent to seduce you or something before or kahit ngayon, I value you so much and never in the world will I ever do that, ever. It is lily white pure.

All of these years, ikaw lang talaga. I have never loved anyone. I went out with some stupid ass but those were mere futile attempts to get you over with.

Wala, walang makapantay sa iyo. LOL Hindi ka naman perfect. You’re not even my ideal man. Pero ewan! Hahahaha!

Hindi ko alam pero, I always end up comparing them to you. It’s not as if I was dreaming that once upon a time, we kind of had a “thing”, alam ko naman kung ano talaga, that we’re just chums. I can’t really explain pero I think in a woman’s life, meron talaga siyang...

Come Monday: Love Hurts

Submitted by on January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)
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This is a love/lust story written exclusively for MLC.

The  first of the initial two chapters,  was posted here earlier under Stardust1949, my other handle.

Chapter  I

Baguio City,  early Monday morning,

Alex came out from a shower, careful not to wake up Lyra who  is  still asleep in bed. He  put on his clothes, his  eyes  on Lyra’s nude body   as she lays  on her back, her shapely legs spread in wild abandon, exposing her  hairy  mound,  pussy lips still slightly  agape from a long night  of delirious  sex.

He was fixing his necktie when Lyra spoke.

“What are you doing, where are you going” She asked, her voice still hoarse  from sleep.

“I  am seeing a friend. Business.” He replied.

“But….” She held back.  She knew him well enough not to argue with him.

“Will it take long?  Maybe I could go  back to sleep and wait for you.  We’ll  have lunch  and then  later  on hangout somewhere else.  It’s  too   beautiful a  Monday  for me to spend alone ”

He didn’t speak.

“Okay, if you want, we can stay here the whole  day, I wouldn’t  mind  some more loving.”  She teased.

“I  just want to be with you longer.  I’ve  really missed  you Alex.   Its been a while.”

“I’ll  be very busy here for the next two days, then I have to  fly back to Ma...

Unexpected (Short Story)

Submitted by on December 22, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I gently puffed my smoke. The hot room filled with lavender-scented candles, arousing up my senses, as I sat down, waiting for her. I am ecstatic, yet somehow, I feel nervous and somewhat disappointed.This wasn't my first time. I already been into bars, and places for merriment and satisfaction - frankly, I am a frequent customer. Drinks and other friendly engagements are only a cover for it - what I really want in these places are two things, sense of thrill, and pleasure. The joy of doing the forbidden tingles me down to the core, and to be honest, I am addicted to it. Ladies know me from many different places, and group together whenever I come. I do them, for the sake of my own enjoyment, and also, to satiate this feeling I felt long time ago - the feeling of betrayal I felt towards my first love.

I heard footsteps, nearing my room. I quickly finished my Winston and went to bathroom...

*knock* *knock*

She's here. I went and opened the door. She was shocked upon seeing me, since I never bothered to wear any clothes.

"C-come in..." I said in a stuttering voice. That was embarrassing, but I couldn't care less.

She's a thing of beauty - her skin glistened even in the candle-lit room. She's in her blazed spaghetti tees, and crimson skirt. I can see her hands trembling - a first timer i guess. She's sexy, and she somewhat reminds me of the woman who betrayed me a long time ago.

Forget it - am here for her servic...