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When Love is Not an Answer

Submitted by on June 26, 2015 (2 years ago)
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When Love is Not an Answer(Wanna feel the pleasure while reading? Relax your mind. Take your time, read it slowly. Do not skip lines, understand the plot. Use your imagination. Get your senses involved. Try to feel what those characters felt, to see what they saw.)

I'd like to believe that LOVE really exist.

I'd like to believe that TRUE love belongs to those who are honest to their feelings.

I'd like to believe that FOREVER awaits to those who intends to keep their promises of love.

I'd like to believe that love is ENOUGH to erase the pain burdened in the depth of thy heart.

One great thing about love is when you always forget the world whenever you remember that one person, for no reason, makes you smile. A sweet smile as fresh as the morning dew, lots of meaning, lots of thougths and emotion, lots of unexplainable feelings. Plain and natural.

Everything is wonderful when you fall in love. Every imperfection seems perfect when you stay in love. It brightens the darkest side of life and even those worse scenarios can be seen as the best seasons of your days. Captured within your moments of memories, reminincing reveries.

But sometimes...Ohw that sometimes...
Sometimes love can be the most dangerous thing in this world than you could imagine... And when I say dangerous, It means literally hazardous...

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