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Ladies' Confessions Series: Unexpected Threesome

Submitted by on April 25, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Almost midnight when I received I call from a guy friend. It was JP, inviting me to come over at his place for a drinking session. Medyo antok nako that time but he insisted, kinulit niya ako ng kinulit. Napa "Oo" na lang ako bigla. So I hurried, took a quick shower, got dressed and went off.

Btw, I'm Jen, 23, from Paranaque. I'm a typical GND (girl next door). Madali akong makisama, ayaw ko lang ng over-confident and arrogant guys. I despise them. It was 4 months already since my boyfriend and I got separated. We have our own issues that's why we decided to split off. Hindi naman kawalan but it changes my belief in life. "You're still young, go and have fun" -- this was my motto after the breakup.

Hindi ako nahirapang mag move on. I'm thankful na may mga kaibigan akong handang sumalo sakin when I'm down. They are always there if I needed them.

So, balik sa story. I arrived at JP's place, around 1 am. Pagpasok ko ng house, I saw two guys, a couple then JP and Maya (his gf). So pito kaming lahat.

"Hiiiiiiiii!", I greeted them with a smile.

"Huy Jen! Buti naman at dumating ka na!", JP approached me with a hug.

"Hi Jen! Long time no see ah!", Maya approached as well.

"Btw guys, this is Jen. Jen si Carlo, Ryan, Miko and Trish.", while pointing at them one by one.

"Hello!", I greeted them. Then they "Hi'd" back at me with a nod.

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