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a giant cock-up

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Marcie and Marya are identical twins, absolutely indistinguishable physically but they certainly didn’t have the same personality. Since the age of 16 Marcie has, in her sister’s words been a bit of a whore. This made it quite difficult for Marya as men, thinking that she was Marcie would come up to her and say the most appalling things. That’s why Marya moved to another city but of course she had to come home to see her parents occasionally. It was on one of these visits that Marcie asked her to do her a huge favor.

“I’ve gone and done something very foolish,” she said, I got my calendar mixed up and I have dates with two different men tonight, will you fill in for me with Ed, he won’t know the difference. He’s a really nice guy and we were only planning to go to a ball game.”

Marya said, “Absolutely not!” but then Marcie pleaded and pleaded until she gave in. After all nothing much could happen at a ballgame.
The arrangement was that she would go to Ed’s apartment at six and pick him up, as his car was in the shop. Marya knocked on the door nervously and was just a little shocked when it opened and Ed, dressed in his robe, greeted her with a long lingering kiss.

“I’ve been going crazy waiting for you baby, I’ve been as horny as hell all day just thinking about you,” he panted, giving her breast a little squeeze.

Marya was inclined to just turn around a...