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throwback: my first with yaya (edited)

Submitted by on October 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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we lived in an apartment where all of my relatives each occupied a room: one for my uncle, (my mom's brother) my aunt (mom's sister) and another uncle (mom's first cousin).

my aunt, who was raising two kids now, needed a yaya so my mom went to the province to fetch aunt yolly (mom told us to call her that way), a distant relative. slim-waisted and morena-skinned, i could say she is a typical rural girl.

however, after having stayed in our house for months now, aunt yolly's attitude has changed from being a polite, sweet girl to becoming a snobbish, lazy and nosy yaya. whenever our parents or aunt leave for work and she is left to look after us she tends to pass the household chores like washing the dishes or sweeping the floor for cluttered things. aside from those things mentioned, she was also a horny slut.

one afternoon after waking from from our nap i realized my cousin jay-jay had already left the mat. presuming he was outside the house playing with the other kids, i hurriedly got up but as i passed by my aunt's room i heard aunt yolly's faint moan. i thought she was having bad dreams in her sleep so i opened the door, only to see jay-jay on top of her, fucking her vigorously while sucking her small tits. both were half naked down

i told them that what they were doing was bad, and i was going to tell mom and my uncle (jay-jay's dad) about it. she begged me not to do it; she would be sent away and wo...