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Travelogue of a Vagabond: Mt. Batulao

Submitted by on November 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I love travelling. And i love taking photos. I love eating too. Currently my new love is cooking. And what ties all of these together is my love for writing. I was reading thru my previous notes and stumbled upon this. It was originally written around 2010. I hope you like it. :)

Travelogue of a Vagabond: Mt. Batulao

"We're gonna go hiking tomorrow, wanna come?" My brother casually asks. "Do you think I can handle it?" I replied. Haven't been jogging in almost four months now. The weathers kinda gloomy. It was cold in the morning, it was raining in the evening. OK. I’m just too lazy to jog after those 2 weeks off ok? Happy now? Where was I. Hrmph. So I casually asked if I can handle it, bearing in mind that I have no exercise at all. "Yeah sure. The guide she says it's an easy course" he casually answered. So I said, "What the hell, sure. Why not." Apparently, it was hell.

So there we were at the starting point at Evercrest somewhere in Batangas. Took a tricycle (to those who are not in the know, it’s a motorcycle with a sidecar which you rent for short trips in some places here in the Philippines) and ventured to the start of the new trail to the summit.

The hike started fairly easy. I was taking shots with the camera on sceneries or even trivial things along the way. The whole purpose of me joining this hike was to practice my picture-taking (I can’t call it photography yet. It’s still too embarrassing to call it such.) ...