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JK's First Summer Job

Submitted by on April 2, 2014 (4 years ago)
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The city government offers summer jobs for high school graduates so after graduating I applied for a summer job to earn income this vacation.

After a week the personnel department called me to report to a convenience store for an interview with the manager. I went there wearing my decent, if not my best clothes. On reaching the place the manager interviewed me for a few minutes and told me I am accepted so I am to report tomorrow.

My first job was also my first nightshift. Customers came in trickles and the night became a bore as it went on. However, I noticed a female customer, taking a cologne and powder and placing it under her bra. She doesn’t seem to notice me even as I approached her from behind and tapped her on the shoulders.

Surprised, she gave a shriek when I asked her why the cologne and the baby powder were inside her bra. She stammered and didn’t know what to say except apologize. I asked her to surrender her belongings for checking at the same time get her identification.

Her name is Ryra and I found out she was a call center agent working nearby from this convenience store. I told her that I would have to call the police and book her for stealing items from this store. She pleaded to let her go, that she would do everything to avoid jail.

Somehow I got naughty so I told her she would go free if she could give me a blow job and I fuck her from behind. I was surprised when she asked where to do it. M...

A Wife's Confession: Jessa

Submitted by on December 9, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Ako si Jessa 35, and I am a married woman for years now. I also consider myself a slutwife.

Lingid sa kaalaman ng asawa ko, mayron akong dark secrets when it comes to sex. I have sex with strangers --- men whom I have just met or men whom I don’t know at all.

Nagsimula ito noong nakatira pa kami ni mister sa tenement. My hubby had an accident working as a mechanic; he broke his foot which was cast in cement. Isang gabi, nag celebrate ang office ng Christmas party kaya ginabi na ako ng uwi. I brought the treats in the party to share it with my hubby who waited patiently for me.

Pagkatapos kumain ay huhugasan ko sana ang mga plato atbp pero walang tubig. We have no stable water system so the tenants rely on rationed water distributed on a certain period of time so I went three floors down to ask the Mang Roger, the caretaker to open the water line but he was not around so I went back to my unit when somebody grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me to a dark part of the alley and started kissing the back of my neck and fondling my tits. Pumipiglas ako pero malakas talaga ang lalaki kaya unti unti niyang nahubad niya ang blazer ko. He also took off my blazers and pulled my bra up and started mashing and tweaking my nipples. Hinila rin niya ang pantalon ko pababa kasama ng panty ko at dinilaan agad ang pekpek ko sa likod hanggang sa mabasa na ito sa kasabikan ko. Making sure I was pretty well lubricated, he forced me to bend facing the wall...