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rainy days

Submitted by on April 1, 2014 (4 years ago)
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rainy daysIt wasraining, it was always raining everytime i  meet her,or every time she wants to see  me...
Jazz was playing in her apartment when i knock ather door, it was loud, but then again soare the drops of rain...
Anti ipation  builds i  my body and i said to myself "tagulan na naman.." 

I know that im her boy toy, her number 5, but i dont care, she has the 3 things i want in a girl...
Good  company, good conversation, and glasses, that is enough.
I dont want much just herspare time, where everything else doesnt exist but the two of us, and she does that everytime when we are together..

She opened the door she was wearing a big tshirt, mine, it hangs down to her knees, where her beautiful legs shows, cramy and smooth...she was bare foot, the sound of jazz magnified, she smiled, she held her hand
I took it and kissed it, it smels lovely, it was smooth and soft... anticipation bubbled up, i shivered..

"Deck nilalamig ka, tsk pasok ka nga, nagpapabasa kase" 

If only she knew why i shivered..

Let me tell something about her first, she works k  a  bookstore, petite,  boobs small enough i can grab each with my hand, firm soft, inviting...
She has glasses, hair smooth and long, and black as night...without the stars..
White glowing skin, smooth as cream, her smell is that of flowers, not overpowering but enough to send me into frenzy
Lips are thin, soft, and everytime she talks, it...