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Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)

Submitted by on December 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)
Salinity starts to fill my eyes,
As you try to say your goodbyes;
And how quickly it fills up,
When you said you're giving up.
I close my eyes one last time,
Did i committed a crime?
Raging thoughts made me frown;
'Cause im starting to drown.
My eyes began to swell,
You could tell i'm not doin well;
And bitter tears roll out,
On my face in a pout.
As the tears roll down my cheek,
It shows that i am weak;
May it be a catalyst,
And erase mem'ries on my list.
As they pass by my lip,
Oh you're such a pip!
'Cause you made them quiver,
And it'll never stop to shiver.
Down to my chin,
I'll count this as your sin;
No use wiping it now,
Its something you'd allow.
And as the tear let go,
I hope they'd be a bit slow
On falling to the ground,
To cherish what I have found.

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