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So this was the deal
One day I’ll set you free
You’ll call and say
I did it I did it
I finally did it
He asked me
I said yes
I’ll make it perfect
Your voice giddy with excitement
Oh you will
Of course you will
I’ll say
Smiling bravely through my tears
And you’ll get dressed
And dazzle him with your wit
And I’ll be home
While he drink in your beauty
Your night would be perfect
Mine would be hell
But you wouldn’t know it
You’d call
Still basking in the rays of his perfection
And say
I’m so happy
We’re meant to be
I want to marry him
But wait
How was your night?
What did you do?
It was fine
I’d say
Just fine.
I had company
Me, my stupidity and my tears…...