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The Switch

Submitted by on May 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hello peeps.  It's been a while since I wrote here.  Mey mga stories ako na di ko pa natatapos kasi mey bago na naman.  Hope matapos ko yung iba. 

This happened a few days before Valentines Day.  Mey naging kaibigan ako, his name is Edwin.  I met him about 10 yrs ago when he engaged my father to handle his cases.  I still worked with my dad then as a legal researcher.  Edwin was about 3-4 yrs older than me and came from a well off family.  My dad let me handle his case so I did the research and some interviews with him.  He was charged with attempted murder for almost killing the alleged bf of his wife and later on also filed annulment case against his wife.

Fast forward to February 2014.  Edwin visited us in our ancestral home looking for my father.  My dad at that time was out of the country.  He brought with him important wines (Jack Daniels and JW Blue) and some polo shirt for my dad and me.  I invited him and talked about how life has been.  We bought beer and talked till we were both drunk.  He told me that he works abroad as a chef in a cruise liner in Europe and for 6 yrs., this was the first time he came home.  We talked about our experiences and of course girls and sex.  He told me that he has a gf on the net and they will meet for the first time on Valentines day.  Their relationship has been on for about 8 months already but he told me its not that serious.  We were supposed to go out that night and have more fun but we h...

Sex, Drugs and Rockn'roll

Submitted by on August 25, 2013 (3 years ago)
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Im moving some of my stories in PL here.  Hope you enjoy them.

This true story happened also in college.  I spent 6yrs in college moving from one course to the other.  My first course was ECE, and I have this classmate who became close to me.  We will call him Aldo.  Aldo and I were close but, he moved to another school after 3 semesters because he could not maintain his grades.

A few years later, I met Aldo and he invited me to his place which was nearby.  When we reached his house, a car was waiting for him with three passengers in it, 2 girls and a guy.  Just using eye contact, they went with us upstairs (it was a two story house but modified with 6 rooms on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second floor).  He told me that it was his aunt's house and was converted into a dormitory.

I was familiar with one of the girl that went with us.  I kinda got pissed because Aldo never introduced us.  I then recognize her because she was a socialite and remembered her when she joined a school beauty contest.  She was wearing her nursing school uniform that time.  In this story, we would just call her Carla.  She was in around 19-20 years old, about 5'5", super sexy, and had nice long legs.  I waited at the veranda while they were doing business in a room.  When Aldo came out, he told that they were his regular customers.  It was then that I realized Aldo was dealing drugs.

We went to his room and offered me some for whic...