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Submitted by on August 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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hi fss readers. i am an avid fan of this site and since i was introduced here by a colleague, it became a daily routine for me to open and read the sex stories here and the contents of these stories so far have been amazing.

i would like to share my own experiences and opinions on having sex with prostitutes. yes, i admit, i do have this fetish of fucking a random woman plying her trade in walkways and dark alleys. this habit is not on a regular basis i assure you. especially now that i have responsibilities and all that. besides, it is risky but i cant help it since i experienced it years ago.

the latest sexcapade i had was on a chubby woman in her mid 30s i think, with size 34dd tits. her face has an aura to that of manilyn reynes before she got married and had kids. i asked her if she wants to be with me in private and she agreed without hesitation. i rented a room and went inside. a little chat here and there, when suddenly my mouth is sucking her left nipples while mashing her right one. she moaned a little and told me to finger her pussy while im at it. i was doing this while we were standing at the door with her clothes still on. i asked her where she wanted to be fucked, she said its up to me so i pulled her short jeans down and turned her around so i could doggy her which she obliged. she told me to wear a condom because she doesnt allow men to fuck her without wearing one, so i did. i spit on her pussy and hands to lubricate my cock and then...