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Hey, Stranger!

Submitted by on March 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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It's funny how two people who used to say I-love-you to each other could actually become total strangers once the fires of that supposedly burning desire had died down. 

I remember a quote I came across while I was having a date with Google - "My ex and I, we're not friends, we're not enemies. We're just two strangers who shared some memories." Yes! That's all it's gonna be, memories. Memories of your sweet moments, of your petty quarrels, of your intense lovemaking and of just about anything you had done together and/or done for each other.

Breaking up is really never easy. Kahit pa nga sabihing it was a mutual agreement between the two parties pero at some point before that mutual agreement ay dumaan ang dalawang tao na yan sa isang unsavory encounter, which then led them to that mutual agreement to go on their separate ways.

If I could really have my way I'd opt to remain friends with my ex. Dahil malay natin baka pwede pang sindihan uli ang apoy na akala natin ay namatay na, di ba?

Seriously, hindi kasi ako yong tipo ng taong nagtatanim ng galit sa dibdib. Maybe there were instances na matagal akong nagpatawad but those rare cases didn't involve any of my exes. Mas matagal kasi mag-move on kapag may galit pa tayong nararamdaman.

Meron din akong nabasa somewhere na - "Friends can be lovers, but lovers can never be friends." Somehow, I do believe na ganun na nga (...