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The Fitness Program - 2

Submitted by on May 13, 2018 (8 days ago)
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The Fitness Program - 2The fitness program was already paying dividends. I felt great, and even my wife said I appeared less-stressed and more youthful. Syempre, she didn't know the real reason. Josie and I were already into our second week of "extra activities" and besides the physical benefit, we were getting to know each other intimately. It seemed both of us were starved for honest and real communication, neither had any meaningful talk with anyone for so long. We discovered a lot about each other.

I learned that she was practically a prisoner in the huge gated house, mansion if you will. Hubby didn't allow her any friends, especially other Pinay. He decided her food and activities, and even the music she listened to. He was over-protective, overbearing, jealous and controlling. It took some doing for him to even allow her to go the park to exercise. He gave her everything she wanted or needed... except for the freedom to be herself. She was afraid to express herself in any way uniquely personal, as she was sure he wouldn't approve. He had two grown kids near her age, a boy and girl, and they hated her. They referred to her as "The Gold Digger" even when she was within earshot. They didn't understand that he had pursued her, not the other way around. She was miserably trapped, and I really felt for her. I hated her husband.

We were becoming close emotionally. Physically, so far she and I had shared my truck (the parking lot blowjob), the public CR, and a...

Best Friends Forever

Submitted by on May 3, 2018 (19 days ago)
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Best Friends ForeverMatt and Meghan were best friends. Neighbors since birth, they first started playing together in the playpen while their mothers socialized. As they grew, many of their "firsts" had been together; first words, first steps, first teeth loss, and they started kindegarten and then school together.

As nature is, Meghan started puberty first and they slightly grew apart for a while, as she sometimes found him childish and annoying. But he soon caught up to her, and she appreciated the way he stuck by her and was protective of her as he was becoming a man. They were closer than brother and sister, as they shared all their secrets together along with their hopes and dreams. But still, they never felt attracted to each other sexually, or even if they did, they kept it to themselves. It felt like their relationship was beyond romance, that they didn't need that element in order to be intimate. It was as though being sexual would cheapen their relationship, like being horny would somehow diminish what they shared.

Matt was tall and broad-shouldered, a good looking kid with a toned body. Meghan was petite and pretty, with striking eyes and a cute little figure. They looked great together and the incredible bond they shared was so obvious that they were often mistaken as either siblings or a couple. 

After graduation, the two decided to go on a trip to blow off steam and celebrate. They saved their money and finally decided on a day trip to an island t...

Ambiguous II

Submitted by on April 28, 2018 (23 days ago)
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Ambiguous IIAfter swallowing my load, Joy wiggled her way up my body.  She laid on top of me with her face next to mine, looking down into the pillow as I held her tight little naked body. I could feel her mound on my now-softening cock and our breasts were pressed together. I held her butt, cupping both cheeks. She was silent for several minutes, then raised her head and whispered in my ear:

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

I said stared at the ceiling and said nothing.

"Don't you think you owe me an explanation? That I deserve one?"

After a minute of piercing silence I replied, "It's not what you think, I'm not a guy... I'm not a ladyboy or transgender..."

And then it all came out, my whole sordid, awkward story. Joy became the first person I ever told. As I explained, I cried but I felt like the burden had finally been lifted. She became the first besides my family that knew my secret. She had a few questions and I answered them honestly. She cried too. Then we lay there silently for several minutes until I broke it.



"Now what?"

"Huh? What do you mean 'now what'?" She sounded hurt and a little irritated. Then continued, "I love you, Maricel".

Ane we fell back into silence for who knows how long. The first one to come back to life was Junior. He began stirring underneath her pussy. The little prick was getting hard again! Joy lifted her face...


Submitted by on April 25, 2018 (27 days ago)
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AmbiguousI was born in a condition known as Intersex. In the past, we were referred to as hermaphrodites. Contrary to what you may think, we usually do NOT have full sets of both male and female genitals. Most of us fall into the category of 'ambiguous genitalia', which is rare, but more common than most people realize. Usually a result of a hormonal imbalance in the womb, our genitals exhibit characteristics of both genders and it isn't apparent which we are. The doctors and parents must decide what the intersex baby is, and perform surgery to make him or her as complete as possible. But... this involves an assumption and doctors aren't always right.

I was one of those mistakes, first a 'mistake of nature' and then a medical mistake.  In my parents and doctor's defense, they tried to do the right thing. My genitals were undefined, but they thought I resembled a boy more than a girl. They surgically closed my labia to form a scrotum, and rerouted my urethra. My parents gave me a boy's name and dressed me as a boy. They gave me boy gifts and toys. And they hoped for the best.

Their plan worked well at first, at least they thought so. But me, I always knew they were wrong. Around age 7 or 8, they began to doubt their decision. By puberty, the mistake was obvious. My shoulders remained narrow, my voice didn't drop, my hips widened, and I developed breasts. So that's it... I am a girl with a penis.

Finally, my mother relented and allowed me to wear gir...

First Time Anal Sex

Submitted by on August 29, 2017 (8 months ago)
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Sunday morning nagkita kami ni Jake sa starbucks at napagdesisyunan namin na magpunta sa isang restaurant para mag breakfast since 8am kami nagmeet at di pa nag-aalmusal. After namin kumain bumalik na kami sa kotse at pinalamig muna ang sasakyan ng ilang minuto. Hindi ko pa nakakasex si Jake tanging BJ palang ang napapatikim ko sa kanya. Nakadress ako that time na maiksi at naka black thong. Habang nasa loob kami ng sasakyan, hinipo ni Jake yung legs ko. Ilang buwan na rin kaming hindi nagkita ni Jake kaya na-miss din namin isa't-isa.

Niyakap ako ni Jake at hinalikan ng marahan sabay bulong sa kanang tenga ko..
''i-BJ mo ako''
"Seriously?'' sagot ko. Nasa parking lot kami ng umagang yon at tirik ang araw. May mga iilang tao sa labas na maaaring makapansin sa gagawin namin kahit pa tinted yung windows.
"Yup. i-BJ mo na ako..wala naman makakapansin sa atin eh"
"Ayoko. Hanap na lang tayo ng ibang place wag dito"

Nagstart na syang magmaneho papalabas ng parking lot. Habang nagdadrive sya, yung kaliwang kamay nya nakahawak sa manibela at ang kanang kamay ay ginamit nya para hawakan ang kamay ko at nilagay iyon sa ari nya. Naramdaman kong tigas na tigas na ito. I slowly removed his belt and pulled down his brief and pants..
Hindi ko na rin natiis dahil namiss ko talaga yung titi nya na nasa 6inches at mataba hahaha.
So I hold his penis first at dahan-dahang dinila-dilaan yung ulo at sinipsip paunti-unti ..

Can't Stop Thinking About My Boss

Submitted by on October 2, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I need to get this off my chest kasi it's been bothering me for a year now. 

I am a straight woman, between 25-32 years old. I am working in the back office segment of a big BPO in Manila. I had a boyfriend when I was starting to notice these weird feelings towards my boss.

She's our director and my boss' boss. As far as I know straight din sya and married to a guy from another BPO. Wala silang kids.

Una pa lang naming pagkikita, I was drawn to her because she's smart, and genuine (at least to me). She's also a breath of fresh air because of her unconventional way of getting things done. May mga similarities din yung philosophies at napagdaanan namin sa buhay kaya mabilis napalagay loob ko sa kanya.

Nung una wala naman kami masyadong interaction but due to changes in organization, naging magkatrabaho kami in a project. Dito ko nalaman na appreciative sya kapag she sees that you are very competent in what you do.

Sa dalas din ng interactions namin, napansin ko na touchy sya. Kapag natatapos yung meetings namin, lagi syang umaakbay at habang tumatagal, dumadalas na yumayakap sya sa akin. Whether dahil masaya sya or stressed, napapansin ko na madalas nya kong niyayakap na tumatagal nang several minutes minsan. Minsan naman kapag informal meeting, bigla na lang nyang lalaruin yung buhok ko at minsan pa, inayos nya yung strap ng bra ko nung napansin nyang medyo lumalabas sa sleeveless dress ko. Madalas din syang nagcocommen...

San ba tayo? Kaw? San ba tayo?

Submitted by on October 11, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I know it’s a weird title, I’ll explain later why it’s titled like that.

I got my inspiration to write again. This story happened not too long ago, when I met my CQ. Let’s just say that all events happened bit by bit. The first time we met I didn’t get the chance to talk to her that much. But after that, we started sending messages to each other over the phone. That’s the time I got the courage to ask her out to watch a movie. And after that day, I was making it a point to spend time with her. Because I realized that when I saw her smile and laugh I feel content with myself.

We decided to go out on a date that day, we meet at our usual meeting place which was halfway between our houses. We always have this routine every time we decide to meet. I asked her “san tayo?” and she always throws the question back at me “kaw?,san ba?” Which made me giggle a little bit, coz it’s been like that since our first date. I even made a rule that I would choose first and then she would choose the next one. I was insisting “Madaya ka, binalik mo na naman sakin yung tinanong ko sayo”. I’m really stupid when it comes to women’s clothing, so I would say she wore a red shirt and a maong miniskirt that day. Which fit her body perfectly, we had been standing outside the area deciding where to go that date for quite some time. I don’t know what came over me, I told her “guada ta...

You Own Me 3

Submitted by on February 17, 2015 (3 years ago)
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The two froze. Turning around, they saw the Andira the Indian maid standing behind them, the tray she was holding was already on the floor together with the broken glass and pitcher. It took a few seconds before Andira regained her composure, turned around, and left hurriedly.

“Dress up and meet me at my study room in two hours…” pormal na sagot ng don sabay ahon sa pool na tila walang nangyari at agad na nagtapis ng tuwalya.

Saglit na napatayo si Lovelee sa gilid ng pool na tila hindi makapaniwala sa mga nangyari kanina. Hiyang-hiya siya dahil nahuli sila ng kanyang biyenan sa kanilang mga sandali ng kalibugan kaya naiinis siya sa kaniyang sarili bakit niya hinayaang mangyari ang ganoon.

Nasa banyo na siya nang mga oras na iyon. Kahit anong pilit niyang a ang mga nangyari kanina ay hindi niya magawa, lalo na ang mala-Adonis na katawan ng kanyang biyenan, ang malapad at mabalbong dibdib nito, ang matitigas na mga masel sa braso niya, at ang malaking ari nito na nakita niya sa unang pagkakataon. Kahit nangyari na ang mga iyon ay tila ramdam pa rin niya ang pagyakap sa kanya ng biyenan at ang mala-agresibong lambing na romansa sa pamamagitan ng paglamas sa kanyang mala-siopao na suso, paglapirot sa kanyang mga utong at paglabas-masok ng kaniyang makakapal na mga daliri sa kaniyang namamasang hiwa.

“Unghh…D-Don Demetrious…” ungol niya sabay himas sa kaniyang harapan...

Closet Stories: Kullery (Tutoring Rondel)

Submitted by on October 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“Ummm…huhh…give it to me hard baby…”

“Ohhh…I-I’m coming…hon…I can’t…umppp…”

“Wait…don’t cum yet!...ahhh…no…aghhh…shittt…!”

My husband’s quivering body betrayed him as his copious semen flows inside my hot vagina hanggang sa masaid ito. Then he embraces me as he fell into sleep in minutes. At tulad ng dati…naiwan na naman ako sa sa ere, bitin.

Mabuting asawa naman si Parker. Isa siyang propesor sa isang tanyag na unibersidad dito sa aming bayan. Dahil mahusay siyang propesor ay madalas siyang kinukuhang resource speaker sa mga seminars at academic workshops samantalang nagtuturo ako sa Sekondarya sa parehong eskwelahang nagtuturo si mister.

Bagamat nagsasama naman kami nang maayos ay may kulang pa rin ang sangkap para masabing kumpleto na pamilya namin dahil hindi pa rin kami magkaanak ni mister despite being married for five years.

“Honey, I’ll be going. I had a speaking engagement at 9:00 am…” ginising ako ng halik ni Parker na nakaligo na pala.

“G-ganun ba? Sige I’ll prepare breakfast…”

“No need…Inday already prepared it. Kain na tayo…”

“Di ba day-off ngayon ni Inday?”

“Yes, but I asked her to p...

Ang Basketball sa Mundo ni Yvonne, Brix at Bench (An FSS Compilation Repost)

Submitted by on August 31, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Si Yvonne ay isang biyuda ng basketball.

Noong pinakasalan ni Yvonne, or Bonnie si Brix, isa na siyang panatiko pagdating sa sports lalo na sa basketball. In her eyes, Brix is the bad boy -- the 'Robin Padilla' of basketball. Pero noon iyon, when she was 18 at si Vina Morales pa ang girlfriend ni Robin. Yvonne knows that Brix is passionate about the sport, but not up to the point of neglecting her sexual urges.

Sinubukan bawiin ni Yvonne ang atensyon ni Brix, pero wa epek talaga. She used sexy lingeries, stripteasing, sex toys in lovemaking. But, it seems Brix is just going through the motions when he makes love to her. It seems all her efforts went naught in her attempts to divert his attention towards her. As a last resort, she tried to take interest in watching basketball, pero kadalasan ay lalo lang siyang naiinip habang pinapanood niya ang mga players na walang ginawa kundi tumakbo, magdribol, magpasa at mag-shoot ng bola.

"Full court press! Andy, wala ang binabantayan mo! Loose ball! Okey fast break! Bato mo kay Ben! Wooooh, good play!" sigawan at palakpakan sina Brix at ng team niya na nakatayo nang makaiskor ng three point play ang isang player niya, pwera lang sa isa na nanatiling nakaupo na parang walang nangyayari sa paligid niya. Paminsan-minsan naman ay humihikab siya, tanda rin ng pagkabagot sa kinauupuan niya. His face is familiar to Yvonne but she hasn't see him play; bihirang bihira siyang gamitin sa...

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