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Condo Transfer (Part 4)

Submitted by on May 3, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"I am cumming again..ahhhh.. ayan na…. ohhhh” Claire’s body jerked
Dick pulled out his shaft and came also on top of Claire’s pussy…


Dick helped out Claire fixed herself up and they went down to look for a good food to eat. They saw the Chinese Restaurant with not so many people eating at that time and asked to be seated at the second floor. They have selected one of the tables at the wall and almost at the far end of the room. They are both seated at the same side and each table is separated by a divider that covers each table.

While looking at the menu, Dick’s hand is on top of Claire’s thigh. Although his eyes are at the menu, his mind and consciousness is at the warmth he is feeling from the skin of her thigh. Instinctively, he starts to rub his hand on her thigh. Claire felt a hotness down there, and opened her legs a little. Dick felt the legs opening and now moved his hand sa inner thigh. Rubbing it now… up.. down… up… down.. stopping at just where he can feel the hottest part down there.

Claire whispered to Dick.. “Loves, let’s take the food out na lang…” and licked Dick’s ear.

Dick signaled to the waiter to have their orders packed and settled the bill

Dick and Claire then drove out of the parking and went back to the condo.

As soon as the door closed, Dick placed the bag of foods at back of the door and started kissin...

Condo Transfer (Part 3)

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“SHHHIIITTTT… I am so wet… ahhhhh” cried byClaire

In…out…in..out…in…out… getting faster now…. In… out…in… out… in..out

“I am coming…commingggggg… ahhhhhh…. diiiicckkkk“  Claire shouted..

“I am coming too…. Ahhhhhh” as Dick pulled out his shaft….

Claire turned around and they hugged tightly..


The two of them took a warm shower and playfully bathe each other.  Dick placing soap at Claire’s body…. Rubbing it to a lather especially at Claires’s boobs and pussy… Claire using her palm, lathers Dick’s shaft… moving her hand up and down along the shaft… when it begins to harden, Claire stopped and opened the shower full blast and giggled….

Dick tried to pull her closer… “later… “ says Claire with a wink “we need to eat…”

After the shower, Dick changed into a fresh shirt and shorts… Claire wore a maong mini skirt… a white spaghetti strapped blouse with a strapless bra.  She just bundled her long black hair up,  placed a light touch of sun block lotion on her face…

Dick just can’t believe how such a beauty be real….on his thoughts… “I must be dreaming… and if this is a dream… I hope I will never wake up….”

Claire turned around… gave Dick that smile…. “let...

Condo Transfer (Part 2)

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Pabilis ng pabilis… padiin ng padiin ang dila at bibig nya sa pussy ni Claire… alternately… slow slow…faster faster faster….. slow slow … faster faster faster faster… slow slow.. faster and faster now.
“I am commmiiinnggg… shiiit… “ tuluyan at tuluy tuloy na nilabasan si Claire exactly at Dick’s face.

Dick happily sucked all her juices and licked even those dripping at her legs…


Dick stood up… looked at Claire’s angelic face with her eyes closed and a sweet smile on her face…. He planted a light kiss on her forehead and fixed her long black hair to the sides.

“I love you….” he whispered near her face…

“I love you too…” she whispered back.. her eyes now half-open … breathing softly.. and gave him that smile… the smile than can melt any man’s heart and make you contented just by staring at her face.

Dick can feel the warmth of her breath… can smell the sweet scent of her body… He can’t resist the urge of planting a soft kiss on her lips… then a second one…. a third kiss… Claire’s mouth began to open…

Dick took out his tongue and begins to lick her lips.. starting at top… going to the right corner… licking the lips below…moving to the left corner… Claire’s mouth opened wider… her tongue beginning to stick out too…

They exchanged hot kisses…. mga dila.. nag eespadahan ang...

Condo Transfer

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This is a work of fiction and  any resemblance to real situation is coincidental :)

Dick has long been waiting for this day. A full moon today and a lucky day to transfer home. He promised his friend Claire that he will be helping out do the transfer. Claire is moving to a new place all by herself.

Dick checked his stuff, extra shirts, rubber gloves, his toolbox just to make sure. He wore a plain colored shirt, walking shorts to be comfortable and comfortable sneakers. He folded the seats of his Innova to make space for the boxes that Claire told him they will bring. On Claire’s description of the sizes of the boxes and luggages, he felt there is no need to bring extra help.

He went to Claire’s parent’s house and at the front gate there are just two boxes and two luggage. Apparently, Claire has asked professional movers to bring the bigger stuff in advanced and what left are her personal stuff. After loading the boxes and bidding goodbyes to the family members, off they went.

At the new condo, Dick asked for a baggage trolley and was able to place all the boxes and luggage on it and proceeded directly to the room. When they opened the door, all the big stuff and boxes are already in but still in unfixed condition. The first thing they did is to position all the furniture, there is three-seater red sofa to be fixed at the wall near the window, a glass side table with a delicate lamp shade...