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Outlet for my Sorrows

Submitted by on May 23, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I'm sorry to dump my thoughts here... I'm emo and I just need to let it out somewhere since no one likes an emo person... Okay, here I go..

It hurts.. But why??

Because we were so happy in our ups and downs,
Suddenly we are strangers?

You now ignore me and won't forgive me,
I am lost at what to do.

I see you smiling, laughing when being with others,
more so with someone who is special to you.

So what am I to you now?
I honestly can't accept what we are.

Is it selfish of me to wish for something more with us?
With all that I gave you, is it wrong to call this unfair?

I gave up alot to be with you, I listened and changed.
Even my friends whom you didn't like are gone.

You talked and I listened.
I wish you would listen when I talked.

We were happy and you know so little about me.
Was it all in my head when I dreamed I was special to you?

You once said you loved me,
I always say I love you.

When I love, it is for real,
No lies, no unkept promises.

You're with someone, whom you say is just a friend.
So why all the sweetness that makes my heart ache.

It hurts, it hurts, it just hurts so much.
As long ur not with me, it hurts...

So much I wanna say. So much I wanna do.
To be with you again.

But I'm now a strange...