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Something From The Heart

Submitted by on January 23, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Something From The Heart
( A poem written for and inspired by a love that's lost)


It's hard for you to be with me.
If you'd agree, just let it be.
We'll follow each, our destiny.
The world is young, as you can see.

If you and I were meant to be,
The vastness of the land and sea,
The distance or melancholy,
Is not a hindrance, you'll soon see.

It's hard for me, I understand;
And hope is like a grain of sand.
When life is cruel and all seems hell,
I'd think of you and all is well.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
An ancient coin, an aged stamp,
Or book-dried rose once red and plump.

The pain inside may feel so huge,
And tears may be my last refuge.
What is done, can't be undone.
A loved one lost..  the one he won.

Although I urged you to be glad,
It seems absurd, but I'd be sad.
The loneliness within my heart,
Would manifest when we're apart.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
A lovely poem to tease those tears;
In the sunset of my lonesome years.

For even though this heart's been taken,
And doomed me half a dozen children;
A love that may, in time forgotten,
Would still live through and never ashen..

So give me s...