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Erotic Archive 1: That Tightening Feeling

Submitted by on October 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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My pussy veins are throbbing, that's how I feel right now while I am writing down this confession. Been a while since a warm-bloodied thing was inside me while I came. And I really missed that euphoric ride while that sturdy manhood is thrusting in and out of my core.

Ugh! Ang hirap kapag nasa malayo ang taong pwedeng kalabitin para mahalay. I'd just have to be content on pleasuring myself with his voice on the other line urging me and coaxing me on what to do on this hot Sunday morning.

Been two weeks since I had my last DIY and I was really horny since last weekend but because I had my period I couldn't give in to my desire for an instant release. Napaka-messy kasi, baka kapag nag-squirt ako iisipin ng labandera na-devirginize ako uli. (It's gonna stain my bedsheet, aite?).

After my period, which was five days ago, I was still so horny but blame it on our conflicting schedules, nothing happened over the week.

Until a while ago.

"You there?" Was his text message when he got home from work.

He being the guy filling up the spot of being my constant ka-SOP.

"Yo! Kakahiga uli." I texted back.

"Yum yum." Hmmm... Alam ko yata ano ang yum yum na 'yan.

And I was right, well, was actually expecting it.

He called.

"Kakatapos ko lang kumain eh." Was my opening line when I answered his call. That was...