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Harry Sixth Session

Submitted by on April 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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"Welcome to KL, love" This was Harry's message that greeted me in whats app as soon as I landed in KL airport.

His message made me smile.  Napansin ko lang nagiging mas madalas na yong mga messages nya. This was definitely an improvement from previous months.  While I was in Philippines, he sent me a cute message which, when stripped of few words, said that I made him happy and that from strangers one day, we've become friends and he is looking forward to a phase in our lives where we can walk together forever, if not in this lifetime, then maybe in another life.  Naks! Parang chain letter lang.  He is really sweet and decent man (ako lang naman yong exhibitionist, poor guy!). 

"Happy to be back, baby."  

"And mom?", was the first question he asked. Maybe he was hoping that I was alone.

"She's with me, Darls." I answered.

"Ohhhh wow "  was his response.  I wasn't sure if that's what he felt, when I first mentioned this to him, he immediately noted that we couldn't have sex at my place while mom's with me.

"So how do you plan to take out the heat?", he asked.

"I don't know, baby. It doesn't matter since you are not in KL, anyway." 
I asked him to wait for me before I left, but I am not sure where he was at that moment.  His flight schedule is crazy.  

"I am still in KL now and tomorrow."

"Ohh (I was pleased), shall I see you tomorrow Darls?" excited...

Harry 5

Submitted by on January 30, 2015 (3 years ago)
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"You want to see your baby? Uhmm just asking." this was my message to Harry at 2 pm, one Sunday while I was alone in my room.  Talagang nagpapaalam pa ako kasi wholesome sya lagi.

Since hindi sya nagreply, I just sent him a picture of me with the lower part of my breast covered by clothes and the top part covered with my hand, then I just let my dress fall in between my legs.  I wasn't wearing any panty then.  I sent the picture at 8:30 pm with message "Good night darls."  Mild teaser lang, just a horny work of art.

10:30 pm na ng makita nya yong message at nagreply

Harry: Wow a bit lower, I would have landed at your place.

Me: Ohh. you did not confirm so I deleted the other pictures.   I was playing with myself thinking of you.  I felt so horny today.  Anyway, let us sleep now.  Goodnight.

Harry:  Ohh so you don't want to warm me up?

Me: How babe? You are too far away

He was in another island, which is 4 hours drive away.

Harry: Please for me.   You should have told me.  I would have driven back.

Hala umabot kami ng 11:30 yong pag-uusap para lang sa picture, kasi although daring ako noong 2pm nagiba na yong mood ko by 11:30pm. Pinagbigyan ko sya kaya naghubad na ako, set the timer in 5 seconds and took two pictures.  Yong unang picture nakaharap kita lahat, magang suso, tayong nipple and in that picture I also spread my legs so medyo lumawit yong labia ng konti. P...