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Our Soldiers

Submitted by on September 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I had the honor of visiting the memorial of a great military genius of the 20th century. In 2009, I went to Norfolk, Virginia to pay respect to the person who liberated our country from Japan in second world war, General Douglas MacArthur. 

I was in awe to learn his life thru pictures and memorabilias and mesmerized by his intelligence, bravery and unmatched ego of a general in recent memory. 

We've known lots of military leaders from the past like Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, Hannibal (who taught Romans the meaning of fear), Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and others who, like Gen. MacArthur, fought with their men in the field.

Of course, pahuhuli ba ang mga Pinoy? 

I'm not talking about stupid men in uniform like Generals Fabian Ver, Angelo Reyes or Carlos Garcia. They are different kind of animals who belong to prison! I'm referring to our soldiers who do not know the word 'surrender' in any fight.

Just few days ago, under heavy fire in Syria's Golan Heights, the Filipino UN Peacekeepers stood their ground. We showed the whole world that Filipinos are brave and will never surrender easily.  

As Gen. MacArthur declared, "Give me 10,000 Filipino Soldiers and I'll conquer the world".

Mabuhay ang mga sundalong Pilipino!