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Deep Secret Fantasy for my Ex-Wife's Sisters

Submitted by on November 28, 2014 (1 year ago)
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I just read "Sa Loob Ng Boarding House: Di-Sinasadyang Pangyayari" and it made me remember one secret fantasy that I have, which no one knows, as in literally.  BUT I will be confessing about it here in FSS.  Since I think the site is more than worthy to bear my secret...that's how I love and feel at home on this site. :)

Well, I've had this fantasy way before, during the times when I was still with my first wife, who have 3 younger sisters, two of them were just a year or two younger so yun nga, meaning mag kaka age lang din kami halos dahil 4 years older ang first wife ko, who happened to be my Teacher in High School...which I am still thinking of sharing up to this time... haha!

Going back on track, minsan nakakatabi namin ang isa sa kanila lalo na kapag nakikitulog sila noon sa bahay namin dati...hot na hot para sa akin yung sister n'ya na sumunod sa kanya kasi iba yung beauty nya, and siguro nga kung s'ya nakilala ko baka niligawan ko s'ya...as in crush ko na s'ya ng first time ko pa lang makita noon ng nag-visit kami sa kanya sa work nya, which is an old Fastfood chain na sikat din somehow dahil masarap naman yung barbecue nila and yung chicken. :)  Sa Pasay noon yung branch na pinuntahan namin...pagkakita ko pa lang sa kapatid n'ya eh iba na ang naramdaman kong pagnanasa....I know it's lust kasi iba talaga, anyway, yun nga...mula noon eh I have been looking forward na chance to be with her again.  So dumating yun time na n...