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Family Affair

Submitted by on August 19, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened in college, I was 5th yr then, and it was enrollment for summer class.  Bambi was a 2nd yr student and worked as an enrollment staff.  i befriended her and eventually courted her.  I was 20 yrs old and she was 17 years old then.  She was not that pretty, a morena, and petite (about 5'0).  Before summer started she invited me to her province which was about 2hrs away from the city because it was her father's 1st yr death anniversary.  We were not bf-gf then but i was courting her already for 3wks.

It was friday when we arrived at her province.  We were met by her 2 elder sisters, Gina in her early 30's and Mel (told me that she was 24).  Although they were 4 in the family, one sister was not able to come home from Manila where she works.  Bambi is the youngest among 4 sisters.  Her mom also passed away about 3 yrs before her father.  Both her sisters are public school teachers.  We had dinner and we talked about their father.  They also interviewed me about my background and about myself.  In the province, almost everyone was already asleep at around 9pm so since I was the only guy in the house, I just decided to sleep in my car (I had a LiteAce that time) knowing they would never allow me to sleep with their sister.

I woke up early (due to mosquito attack that night) and went outside to smell fresh air and pee just outside the house.  I heard someone taking a bath nearby and decided to look.  It was Gina, taking a bath at...