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How to Celebrate the Balentayms Day (Singols) (w/ Dedications)

Submitted by on February 13, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Hey everyone! Happy  Valentine's day! I am excited to celebrate it with my self. Lol Seriously thou, it's for everyone. Who cares? It's one of my fave occassions, more than my birthday in fact. :-)

So to those who do not have someone to spend this day with, I hope you'll find this blog helpful. 

1. Wake up with a bang! Nope, not in a sexual way thou! Just be happy that at least you still got another chance to wake up, on a vday, for that matter. Cheers! Take a selfie? 

2. Go to work. I know that it fell on a Sunday, but I understand that some, still work on this day. Greet everyone and start scratching out entries from your "to do list".  Easy!  Think that you are blessed enough to have  a work. A lot of people are unemployed these days. :-) 

3. Stay at home or go out if it's your day off. Cook good food for your family and spend quality time with them  or go out and shove yourself to every cramped up area all over the metro. Indulge! 

4.  Send out greetings! Spread the love! :-) Self explanatory. 

5. Buy yourself flowers, chocolates or whatever.Hindi mo kailangan mainggit, bumili ka! Hahaha so what? I bought a ring for myself, pina engrave ko pa ang pangalan ko. Lol Hindi nga lang balentyms noon. My point being,  it's not lame to buy something for yourself. Think about shopping! 

Most importantly GO TO CHURCH. Not to pray for someone whom you can spend the vday with, next year, but to w...