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Patience, Expectations and Reality

Submitted by on Monday, 23 January 2017, 10:41 AM (8 hours ago)
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What do you expect sa isang adult site? Bulgar na mga tao? Malilibog na bibig? Malisyosong pag-iisip? Granted. But that doesn't mean na mawawala ka sa linya ng paghihinay-hinay.

Yung paghahanap ng FUBU para kang nanliligaw dyan., parang pakikipagsex din yan. Hindi minamadali. Kakabigay mo pa lang ng private account mo sesendan ka agad ng naghuhumindig na titi? Ng boobs na parang kinagat ng bubuyog; ayos sana kung malaki eh kaso madalas jutay naman, Ok lang din yun syempre kung requested, pero ung kakakilala nyo pa lang tapos pagopen mo ganun agad? (Hindi po ako nanlalait, opinyon ko po ito ayon sa naranasan ko, at madalas po kasi akong mapagkamalang lalaki). Minsan imbis na malibugan eh matatawa ka na lang.

Anyway, sinong may gusto na pasok agad pag makikipagtotnakan sya? Mas masarap mahaba ang foreplay, yun tipong hindi mo mapipigilang makarating sa ikapitong langit sa pagkasabik at sa antisipasyon. Sinong maliligayahan na makaisa lang, yun tipo ng wag lang di makaraos. Di ba wala naman.

Sinong nasarapan sa quickie na 2 minutes and 30 seconds lang? Mas ok kung aabutin kayo ng mahigit tatlong oras di ba, Yun bang pareho nyo naenjoy kung ano yung ginawa nyo. Both gender should learn that patience sa paghahanap ng taong makakapawi ng init ng katawan nila, na laging on call sa oras ng libog. Lalo na kung ang pagitan nyo ng nakuha mong FUBU eh from east to west. Sya may sabit, ikaw single and vice versa.

Walang kahit na anong bagay...

Magkatugmang Pantasya

Submitted by on March 20, 2016 (10 months ago)
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Gigil na gigil ako kay Carrie noong unang gabi na magkasama kami sa isang hotel. First time namin magkita simula nang magkakilala kaya mahirap ipaliwanag ang init na bumabalot sa katawan ko habang nakikipagpalitan ako ng halik sa babaeng higit na mas bata sa akin.

Oo, nasa late 30s na ako at mahigit sampung taon ang agwat namin ngunit hindi naging hadlang ito para umabot kami sa ganitong tagpo. Handa akong paligayahin siya sa paraang alam ko lalo pa na mahigit dalawang taon na raw siyang deprived sa sex mula nang makipaghiwalay sa huling nobyo.

"Fuck me now.., please..," bulong nya sa akin. "I've been waiting for this."


I met her through a friend. We exchanged notes about each other at naging honest naman ako sa pagsasabi na I'm a married man. I found Carrie magaan kausap kaya madali kaming nagkaintindihan. She's not the typical woman na kadalasang mababasa sa mga ganitong kuwento. Everything is ordinary except na ang pagiging simple niya na may kasamang extra ordinary smile ang naka-attract sa akin. Parang nakakaalis ng pagod.

Hindi rin naman siya sexy but who cares dahil hindi rin naman ako macho. Maputi siya with short & straight hair na bumagay sa hugis ng kanyang mukha. To describe her face I'd say na cute siya. In short, I like her mula sa physical features maging sa mentality niya. For me ay higit pa sa sakto kapag smart at hindi clingy ang babae....

What This Day May Bring

Submitted by on December 24, 2015 (1 year ago)
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Just a flow of thoughts lurking inside my head and want to share it to you....

It's the 24th of December and for most number of individuals that believes in something miraculous is attached the coming day, have already spent 8 sleepy nights/mornings in a nearby "church".

The inevitable fact that everyone knows, this day is the climax of their seemingly endless days of shopping spree and the wrath of enduring the heavy traffic and muscling through the extreme jampacked MRT/LRT. The month that literally flows with cash, as scheduled bonuses and other incentives pours in to a workers pocket.

The day that a child awaits for the gifts to receive, and for PROUD AND HAPPY PARENTS to long for the sight of the sweet smile from their sons/daughters as they tear up the wrappers from each gjfts that is right kn front of them.

As for someone that is in similar situation that I have for two years now, all we could do is to somehow try not to foresee and remember the sweetest smile and the sincerest awe that my daughter gave out everytime she aould wake up and see our gifts in any given day but specially on the eve of each December 24 that we had, before the day that my right to be loved and at least play with my daughterr was taken away by HER Mom that intentionally tore me apart in my daughter's mind which started two days after a very happy day that we had all together... instantly they never spared the child from the issues t...

Naiiba Si Kem

Submitted by on June 25, 2015 (1 year ago)
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"Mike I'll do it."

"Really o baka ginu-good time mo na naman ako?"  

"I'm serious this time. Sa Saturday. Basta stick tayo sa arrangement."

Nakilala ni Kem si Mike thru a friend six months ago. Nagpasya siya na pagbigyan ang kaibigan ng isang good blow experience provided na walang penetration. Madalas kase nila maging topic ang ganito sa mga coffee dates nila. So finally ay nagkusa siya.

Wala pa kasing karanasan si Mike sa babae dahil sa katorpehan kaya siya nagdesisyon na gawin. May pagkapilya lang talaga ito at walang pakialam basta ginusto niya.  '...and he's not that bad so bakit hindi?', ang katuwiran niya.

Kem is 28. Not the sexy type sa showbiz standards. She's chubby, maputi, maigsi ang buhok and charming. She handles herself very well in any types of situation. Athough a career woman, she always finds time to go out on a date paminsan-minsan.

With all these qualities, ang mindset niya sa buhay ang kanyang greatest attraction sa mga lalake. Hindi siya clingy at lalong hindi maarte. Very practical. Handa siyang maging single for life for all she cares. Naiiba siya.

She had few relationships before but never gave up her flower. Yes, virgin pa rin siya. Galing di ba? Hanggang necking and petting lang muna. Wala lang. Basta nilagyan niya ng limitasyon ang sarili. She's in control of her...

Being Single Forever, Sort Of

Submitted by on March 19, 2015 (1 year ago)
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I just had a lively chat with my friend, Rose. She's in her upper 20s, smart and with the cutest smile. When our conversation led to her status as single (she's currently not in a relationship), she politely asked me to read her blog instead. So I did.

While browsing I suddenly realized that a career woman like her often has a different perspective when it comes to marriage. They are more independent and open minded now than before. I was surprised when I read that she's ready to be single forever.


As I continue reading her blog, I saw some interesting things about her point of view. Rose finally declared, to my relief, that she still might change her mind and consider getting married in the future if the following issues will be addressed:

1. A guy beside her during stormy nights. 

Do you really need to get married to make love to someone during cold nights? I don't think so. Sex is beautiful but I'm not sure about her personal convictions when it comes to that. I don't want to impose since it's a personal choice. Basta masarap ang sex pero di ko naman sinabi sa kanya.

2. A guy that she can spend time talking about everything under the sun even with nonsense stuff.

There are lots of guys out there who are smart and witty and she needs to make sure to update herself in that department, too. If you want something from a person then you must of...

Driving alone

Submitted by on December 19, 2014 (2 years ago)
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Well it's the weekend again folks was suppose to head on to the south of the country but some emergency made me pull over and had to have a dental procedure done to me.Anyway,since I am alone on this trip I can't risk in driving much further since I might just get into a road accident because of the effects of the local pain killer injected in me.Since I was in the vicinity of an old family friend I decided that's where i'll let the pain killer wear off in effect physicaly.
After spending a few hours asleep at a friend's abode I left his place(1 hour ago) I was now on the SLEX doing a fine speed of 80 kph when I noticed ahead of me traffic was slowing down again(must be not my day to go travelling).Great!1 weekend wasted on the road instead of being somewhere resting on a beach enjoying the quiet view and eating locally broiled squid and blue marlin and accompanied by my wife's male cousins and their girlfriends,i'm here stuck in the middle of the highway.
Still lady luck must be giving me a hidden smile.I reached this gas station and pulled in and decided to wait out this traffic build up for a few hours.Parked my vehicle,got out walked over to the inside of the 24 hour open food store looked around for a place to eat dinner.
Lot's of customers tonight,saw the cash register endlessly taking in cash and swiping credit cards.Food and drink was'nt a problem.It's was where to sit and eat a plateful of fast food cuisine on a table,seems that every table and chair w...