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she's 35 now..

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there's not a day i didn't think of sex,
all the memories and all the acrobats with my ex,
tho i long and i wanted to be a parent,
a baby would disrupt the sessions said my current.

my ex flushed out all my libido when i was twenty,
exhaustively amazing, perfectly gently as well,
he was a hunk with a piston, truly strong at 38,
sometimes i'm fully clothed, but he said, he couldn't wait.

there was a time we started at the stairs,
we finished at the kitchen and the bed was spared.
'twas in the morning when we crumpled the bedsheets,
he said, "i'm carrying a steel rod, your breakfast in bed".

it's different with my current, he takes it slow,
his purring whispers, embraces my soul,
his tongue is a wonder, a lick is voluntary given,
so i pamper my pet, and be sure it's always cleanly shaven.

when they're not around, i simply masturbate to heaven,
i usually cum many times, maybe six but i'll try a seven,
well, this is a woman's life, still hot at 35.
proudly armed with a pussy, breathing and alive.

ha-ha-ha!  here i cum... here i cum...oh...

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