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Heaven or Hell Episode 3 (Act XX) Bonus Chapter

Submitted by on July 12, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Act XX: Final Goodbye 
Bonus Chapter by Balderic

This is like a dream come true. Me partnered with master Gabriel. I’ve always admired him for his courage and strength. His principle, and discipline. Everything. I’m quite honest to myself now. I love him. Everything about him, I adore. I just wish he will notice me as well. 

But I’m just too afraid that if he knew about my feelings for him, he might avoid me. I cannot bare the thought! So I have decided to stay with him instead. Support him as I can. And hoping someday he will reciprocate my feelings.


Two days ago we received our third mission together. The first is a disaster. I almost got him killed. Stupid. I felt stupid. The second was just fine. We did good. He managed to acknowledge my efforts although I was not much of help I think. He did all the thinking and all I did was stand in the corner looking at him. 

This third mission is a bit tricky for me. We received an intel that a suspected drug lord is coming to southern Mexican border. Our mission is to expose enough evidence that can link the suspect to a massive mexican american drug trade. A colleague told me that this suspect has a private army? Is that even legal? Is that not proof enough that he’s a shady guy? I just hope we can do our job. Master just smiled at me and told me to stop calling him master. I just blushed.