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(Ewww) Moments with Division Manager

Submitted by on May 16, 2017 (1 year ago)
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I got promoted recently as Sales and Marketing Executive to Business Analyst Supervisor, same division within the company. I’ve been hearing that there will be a visitor next week from our head office in Canada. A task force was created to plan out the Executive’s 4-day itinerary, 6 days if counting would include the weekend of visiting some of Philippine’s best locations.

Most of the members of the task force were from my previous section in our division – Sales and Marketing. They were able to finalize the itinerary during their meeting Wednesday and announced the schedule before lunch Thursday. All our admins and support personnel had to adjust the week’s activities to give way to the said visit. What remained were priority projects with key accounts.

Part of the itinerary was a house party hosted by the GM. The event was by invitation only. Since our division is mostly operations and more than half of the team is deployed to clients, attendees from our division are mostly the Sales and Marketing Team, Admin Officers and Key Account Heads. I was surprised Friday morning when I received an invitation to this house party scheduled next Friday – the last day of official visit of the Canadian Executive. I learned that my co-Business Analyst Supervisors were not invited and that it was our Division Manager’s decision. Even the Admin Officers and Key Account Heads are intrigued thinking of it as a sort of favouritism by the Division Manager....