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The Madonna/Prostitute Complex

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The Madonna/Prostitute Complex


I was thinking of writing a story about this.  pero, tinamad kaya blog na lng.

When it comes  to sex, it seems that men have more hang-ups  than women. Common among them  are Oedipus  complex , the Madonna/Whore/Prostitute Complex (MWC)  and a variety of fetishes.  For women I know only of Elektra complex  and  the fear of sexual intercourse or maybe frigidity..i am not sure.   While sexual addiction and fetishes transcend  genders,  it seems that they are more prevalent among men.    

Now,  this blog is about the least popular or least discussed  complex-----the Madonna/Whore/Prostitute Complex (MWC) .  A long time ago , I read a book containing  some factual personal accounts of  American husbands suffering from this sexual malady which  has  strained  a number of marriages,   some  even leading to separation or divorce.   For treatment  requires   psychiatric   care and a very supportive wife/partner.

Men suffering from MWC  see their wife/partner  as someone to be respected , placed on a pedestal, and least as  someone to be sexually  desired for. The book claimed that MWC  is aggravated  when the wife/partner gives birth.  Seeing them as the mother of his child  somehow makes matter worst. Tipong Madonna na  talaga ang peg niya para  kay lalake  kaya lalong  nabawasan ang libog para sa asawa.  It doesn’t help pag a...