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Cubao 24/7: Of Vampires, Zombies And Other Dregs Of Humanity

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Dancers, GROs, sex workers, pimps, petty criminals, drug addicts,  street people  comprised  the forsaken denizens of Cubao.  

Till now, I couldn’t explained my morbid interests in these people . How they live,  where they are coming from, as well as  what makes them tick.  

Was it their “poverty porn” appeal.  Perhaps.

Warning: This is not a “Palibog” blog. I intend this  series to be an informative  documentary  targeting  feminine readers.   


Circa:   2004 – 2013

Part I

Dancers and GROs

Fridays then were  my  days, or should I say, my nights off.  Wifey and I had agreed on that even  before we were married. Parang pre-nup.  LOL.  Believe it or not, for the period covered, siguro about five to six Fridays  lang a YEAR that I missed going out  to have a drink. Always  at the  clubs spread around Cubao for the simple reason that I live in a  neighboring city. The other reason was that clubs along the avenues of Timog ang Quezon  were beyond my financial capability, not to   mention their being out of my way home.

Seldom  I was  with my office friends, for  I always wanted to go solo.    It was better that way,  no debates on where to go, when to split..but more importantly, no issues regarding  the girls.  Besides,  I am by nature, a lone wolf.

After  trying out some eight...