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My ODDyssey part one (the journey begins) the conclusion and part 2

Submitted by on December 23, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part one (the journey begins) the conclusion and part 2I am so spaced out as I lay there flat and panting, feeling weak and numb all over. She then held me up and we kissed, long and hard and deep, with our tongues twirling with each other, sensual fires begin to build up again as our hands explored each other. Her hands crawled down to my bums and gently squeezes them. "I want you so bad, I want to fuck you baby" she whispered then pulled me hard against her body and we went panting moaning grunting grinding our pussies together as hard as we can. My eyes are going at the back of my head as I am having my first tribbing fuck, the incredible adrenaline rush as we do it outdoors, as feminine erotic music play on, the feel of another woman’s wet soft vagina was so fucking exhilirating, our legs locked around each other, while our hips moved in a wild erotic dance pushing as hard as we can as we rub our hot sweaty bodies. We kissed long, hard and deep, as we climaxed, also to keep ourselves from screaming and attract attention to ourselves. “Let’s come together baby” she whispered sexilly, “oh gawwd yess ohh gaawdd yes yes” I whispered back and then we both have gushing orgasms, feeling each others hot love juice as they poured from our loveholes. We lay panting moaning and groaning on the grass, with me on top of her.

         That experience was totally liberating, it brought out the real me as I am freed of all my inhibitions. I haven't had sex with her again for quite some time, but we still makeo...