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Soliloquy Of A Forgotten Pussy

Submitted by on May 25, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Soliloquy Of A Forgotten Pussy

(A poetic blog inspired by an  officemate)

its been so long

and still  here I am... waiting

with quivering lips,  and a tingling  clit

and a semen-starved, sinkhole

oh why cant I be like the others

who  had their fill of cocks and tongues and fingers too,

Never mind the words “I love you”

If they knew,  they would be shocked  

I was deflowered by an artificial cock.

I am sick and tired of my FUBU..

My owner’s hand

Caressing me, fingering me, masturbating me.

The emptiness I felt..after the self-induced bliss

only reminds me  of what I miss.

i want  a real cock  to fuck the hell out me,

fill every lonely  space within me.

open the floodgate of my  desire

release the woman in me..

validate my femininity

how long will I  wait

my juices are drying

my once purple lips are browning

my meaty flesh sagging, wrinkling

my love cave is tightening, closing.

how long will I  wait....

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