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a matter of sex education

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Jeff Friesen was out of work and desperate for a job and so when his uncle, who was going into hospital for an operation on his knee, asked him to fill in for him for a few weeks he was excited. It was only a janitors job but it was at a small private progressive women’s college and every one of the students was over the age of consent.

Compared to his uncle Otto, Jeff was a real looker and he attracted a lot of attention on his first day and even a couple of wolf whistles. The job itself was incredibly boring for someone who had been trained as a graphic designer but he had to pay his bills and so he gave it his best. However, when an opportunity came up for a little extra cash he jumped at it – even before he knew what it was about.

It turned out that the school was a little more progressive that he realized and a Ms. Justina Petersen, the teacher in charge of health education, made him a proposal that he was ill prepared for.

“I’m looking for a fit looking young man like yourself to be sort of a training model for my sex class.”

“Sex class?”

“Yes – although most of my students have had more pricks than a secondhand dartboard some are still are a bit naive and it’s my job to make sure they all go out in the world with a healthy respect for sex.”

“What do I have to do,” he asked, a little apprehensive.

“Well most of the time you just...