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Broken Hearted Girl

Submitted by on February 3, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi po sa lahat ng members ng fss, Bago lang po ako d2 sa site na ito, last week lng.

I'm a broken hearted girl, my boyfriend cheated on me. Thats why iniwan ko na sya.

Mayroon akong icoconfess sa inyo, By the way i read some stories here in fss, na nakaka arouse din sa akin lolz hehehe.

Isa sa talagang nakatawag sa aking laman este pansin pala ay yung stories ni jose gonzales - Sex With Stepfather. Ewan ko ba masyado akong nagwewet sa tuwing mababasa ko ang stories na yun.

At itong icoconfess ko ay may kinalaman kay jose gonzales, ( forgive me jose hehehehe )

Anyways wala namang makakakila sa akin dito, of course i dont want to divulge my true identity, u know hehehe for security reasons na rin. And also jose hahaha

Until last friday, i saw the confession of jose gonzales - with his pictures with naked body lying in the bed . OMG with his dick hard on. I was wet that time lolz. And he was inviting girls to make fun with him.
OMG talaga. Aaminin ko nag init tlaga ako ng husto hahahahahahahahahaha.

To make the story short, i privately message him. And i ask him directly if hes serious about what he has posted. And he said hes only teasing girls, what the heck. He wants lang to make friends, its nothing lang DAW ??? ( sumakit ang bangs ko sa kanya )

I said to him, ok. And i ask him can u be my friend, he said sure. Yun na ang start ng conversations namin. I already told m...

My ODDyssey part 4 (like a virgin)

Submitted by on December 21, 2013 (3 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part 4 (like a virgin)Part 4 Manong (like a virgin) - please give me feedback if you want the rest of my stories which are excerpts from my diary and personal logs, and do pardon my tagalog, this is more like uh confession – Sis. Chastity

      One stormy Sunday morning, we were all hurrying to get back to our cottages and dorms as the rain began to pour in buckets and the winds are blowing hard. The children and the other sisters were already gone and I was all that was left in the chapel as I was in charge with most of the church tasks that sunday. As tried to make it back to my cottage I slipped and my umbrella got blown away, the rains made it hard to see and I got lost in the vegetable patch where the mud made it harder to walk until I fell again and got mud all over my uniform, then I saw the shack in the distance and took off my flip flops (uh chinelas?) and made a run for the shack and being cold wet and muddy I decided to stay there until the storm blew over. As I sat on the papag, I felt very uncomy being very wet and muddy I decided to take my skirt and headress off and hang them. I took off my skirt and as I was about to pull my headress off I noticed movement in the corner of my eye and when I turned I gasped when I saw manong the groundskeeper looking at me with his ugly mouth opened his bloodshot eyes bulging. Instinctively I pulled my shirt down as my legs are exposed, we were silent as we look at each other for minutes. His frame reminded me of the figure in th...

Sleepless Nights

Submitted by on October 29, 2013 (3 years ago)
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Sleepless Nightsthose sleepless nights, wala kang katabi sa bed. My wife sometimes in a business trip . Wala kang kayakap sa magdamag. Minsan pa kung kelan gusto mong makipag lovemaking shit hehehe.

Madalas pa naman sa madaling araw nagigising ako, matigas yung alaga ko . Tapos wala naman pala ang wife ko kabwisit kaya yun. Kakabad trip.

ala lang . senti mode lang hahahaha.

Minsan naman kung kelan katabi ang wife mo, ala ka naman sa mood makipag sex, bat ganun?