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What Else to Do?

Submitted by on November 27, 2015 (2 years ago)
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All this time i've been running away,
B'coz with you i don't wanna stay,
And what ever that would come my way,
I'd push em aside i'll never sway.

I dont know what Fate have against me,
No matter how far i am from thee
And even if i have reach the sea
It's your face that i see and haunts me.

My friends, they are all fools, i could tell,
Kept saying that im under your spell
They all see a saint or an angel,
But all i see is someone from hell.

Oh please let me be and let me leave,
I've gave my heart, what else's to give?
One thing i know and firmly believe-
That now my life needed to be sieve.

(written under a different name in the author's FB Page)...