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Sabik (For The Memories)

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Rage! That's what I felt.

Sinong lalaki ang hindi manggagalaiti sa galit kapag nalaman mong iniiputan ka sa ulo?

Gusto kong suntukin si Chi habang natutulog. Ang dating mala-anghel niyang mukha ay napalitan ng imahe ng isang basurera - mabaho, nanlilimahid, nakakasuka!

I couldn't breathe and I felt suffocated. Iniwan ko siyang natutulog ng mga oras na 'yon. Hindi ko kakayanin ang komprontahin siya; I didn't trust myself not to physically hurt her.

After driving around for sometime, nag-check-in ako sa isang hotel sa Quezon City. Bunuksan ko ang aking mobile phone and seen missed calls and unread messages from Chi. Dinisable ko na ang sim card ko. I didn't want to hear
what she had to say for herself.

I sent Jamie a message. Now more than ever, I need the kind of distraction na siya lang ang makapagbibigay.

Two weeks after that, parang ang dami ng nabago sa buhay ko.

Chi and I finally get to talk and call it quits. Walang sumbatan. Walang ungkatan. She just hugged me, cried and said sorry countless of times.

My heart felt nothing - no anger, no sympathy, not even a hint of regret. Siguro nga ganon talaga. Hindi lang namin na-realize ng mas maaga, that love had already been lost and all that remains was familiarity.


My heart felt a little bit of twinge. After that first night that we had together, I can't find her anywhere. Hindi na siya nagre-reply s...


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The next day, I woke up early for a breakfast meeting. I was going to meet the executives of a large mining company somewhere in Surigao. So I put on one of my best suits but sans a tie. Maan was also already awake when I left our home. Ingat dad…good luck sa meeting mo and gave me a kiss…sabi ni Maan. Thanks mommy…love u. and off I went to my meeting.

I arrived at the meeting place a bit early at 7 a.m. soon after dumating na din kameeting ko. Meeting lasted for about two hours, so it was already 9 a.m. when the meeting was over.

I stayed behind, as I was planning to call Anne. I retrieved Anne’s calling card from my wallet and dialed her mobile number.

Hello? Bungad ni Anne. Hey there urself counselor, sagot ko naman. Who’s this please? Tanong naman ni Anne.. It’s John, from last night…Oh Hi John..good morning…how are you? Did you arrive home safely? Asked Anne….im fine thank you and Yes, I arrived home safely, thanks for asking, listen, I parked your car back in the hotel’s parking lot, the parking ticket and keys are with me and I am on my way back to the hotel for another meeting, can u just ask your driver to meet me there for the ticket and the keys?..Sabi ni Anne…sure, no problem, I’ll tell him…

Anne: John, listen…about last night…errrrr how do I say this...