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Hidden Pleasure: The Secretary

Submitted by on September 24, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Hidden Pleasure: The Secretary*phone ringing*

“Hello Mr. Martin’s office, how may I help you?”

“Is Jules there?” sagot ng babae sa kabilang linya.

“He’s in the meeting right now ma’am. May I know the reason for your call?”

“Ugh.. Meeting again. Nah! Nevermind tell Jules to call me, by the way this is Rebecca, again!” and she hang up the phone.

Si Rebecca Smith isang model at patay na patay sa boss ko. As far as I know di naman sila magka-relation, ewan bakit tawag ng tawag. Tong boss ko naman, naturingang gwapo pero hanggang ngayon single pa din.

Jules Martin is my boss. He is 31 years old, both his parents are in London, bunso sa tatlong magkakapatid. Mayaman, matalino, malinis sa katawan, maypagka mayabang pero hindi babaero. Mapili kasi kaya puro fling lang. Hindi siya yung tipong mayaman na maluho sa lahat ng bagay.

It’s already 9:30 in the evening!

OT pa more besh! Para sa economiya.

Hindi pa ako pwede umuwi kasi nasa meeting pa si boss at may kailangan pa siyang i-sign na mga papers. Maka kape nga muna.

Ay, ako nga pala si Trixie Velasco, 24 years old bago lang akong secretary ni sir pero nagkita na kami 3 years ago. Nung muling nag krus ang landas namin he offered me a job. I was so desperate to have a job that time kaya hindi ko pinag-isipang mabuti yung pinasok ko.

“Trixie in my office now” sabi ni boss.

Patay! Mainit yat...

Heaven or Hell Episode 2 (Act VIII) Final Act

Submitted by on March 19, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Act VIII: Long Goodbye (Finale)

After a long journey I returned home. My father’s home. The home that a of people are afraid of. The man who rescued me seems to have disappeared after he returned me to my father. My father was so happy. I never so him so relieved. He thank the man quite a lot. Its almost like my father owe him more than his life. That was the first time I saw my father in fear and in total joy. 

I was mistaken. I thought my father would sacrifice me to save his face and the family’s reputation. I may be young but I have learned a lot. My older sister Himeko taught me a lot of things about the family and how we do things in the city of Osaka.

That was the time I admired my father. He has honor. He is well respected among men. He shows no fear to his enemies but shows compassion towards his people and family. I wish I could bring honor to my family as well. I wish I could be like my older sister. She will become the future head of the Ashura Family. And when the time is right, she will lead my father’s group and continue his work. 

I found myself on a dead end. I don’t know how to contribute to my family. I am still a student. Barely legal but well connected. There is only one way I can be of use. That man who rescued me. I have to find him. Gabriel Marasigan-san…..

A couple of months of searching and leads me to nothing. My father never told me anythinf about him. My sister see...

Break and Upcoming Series

Submitted by on March 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Break and Upcoming SeriesRegarding my previous plans on creating cross-over stories, I think I've gathered enough ideas to create an expanded story for different characters and plots, as well as genres.

For this decision, I've planned to give unSaintly a temporary break to insert some new prologue for various characters. Gusto ko iexplore ang ating magandang sexytary na si Daphne, ang mundo ng prostituition para sa mga nagkokolehiyo at kailangan ng pera. 

Other genres include gangbangs, which is part of my top 5 fetish in stories. I like the humiliation, domination and forced sex that gangbang genres throw at the reader/viewer - please take note that we are talking about fictional stories and not reality.

Another risque one for me is my fascination with transgender stories, maybe it was spurred with watching too much hentai (if you dont know this topic, I betcha you'll be into a rude awakening if you ever have the guts to google it) which has a broad genre in its own right; monters/tentacles, vanilla, sci-fi, and the related topic 'futanari'. So, talking about transgenders and there incredible transformation of there male bodies into feminine, boner inducing sex appeal of a body. Of course, I want to be on the topic of transgenders with existing male parts going at it crazy together with female partners. Meron lang na kakaibang edge pagka ang female partner eh sarap na sarap habang kumakabayo sa isang taong mukhang babae din - s...

unSaintly Adventures for a Night #4

Submitted by on March 8, 2015 (2 years ago)
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unSaintly Adventures for a Night #4Intro

Seatmate? Textmate? Officemate? Sexmate?

Mga katagang ngayon ko lang naisip na may kahulugan pala sa buhay ko.

Hindi ordinaryo ang araw ko ngayon. Isang linggo akong pagod, Sunday mismo nag-aya si Mike na magbar. Akalain mo, Sunday mismo at magiinom. Yun pala naghiwalay na sila ng hitad niyang syota. Ay dun ko pa nakilala si Izza, na kung sumubo ng etits eh daig pa ang vacuum cleaner.

Kaya ngayon, andito ako sa isang SPA. Kalagitnaan pa lang ng buong linggo, sumasakit na ang buong katawan ko. Parang dinaganan ng isang kaban na bigas. Magaling ang mga therapist dito, syempre mamahalin at malinis na establishment. Matapos ang 4 na oras ng pagbasag, pagbuo at pagdudugtong-dugtong ng mga buto ko, naging maayos na ang pakiramdam ko.

Pabalik ako ng kotse ng may nabasa akong text, kanina pa pala ito.
Sir, may problema daw po sa deployment ng bagong server. Yung data center natin sa Cebu bumagsak. Hindi alam ng mga technical staff ang gagawin. Pabalik na po ako ng office.

"Shit! Kung kailan naman pagod ka at gusto na magpahinga!" habang kumakaripas ako ng takbo palapit sa kotse ay nagdial na ako sa numero ng secretary ko.

"Hello Da! Hello! Daphne! Yes! I read your text! Im on my way! Tawag na lang ako ulit pagmalapit na ako... sige, dont forget to call me if anything comes up! Ok! Go! Thats fine! Yes! I said thats fine! Ibababa ko na ang phone."...

office stress (reliever) 2

Submitted by on April 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Just as I was about to end my conversation with my client my secretary stood up and left the room as if nothing happened so I tried to call her back but she waved her hand as if to say she needs to finish something on her table. Guess I have to wait another day to return the favor.
The next day went on as usual but it seems the tension has toned down a bit. I noticed too that my disposition towards my subordinates and co-office workers have been amicable. But it seems my day is not enough. I have to see my secretary.

I tried to start a light talk with my secretary but it seems the tease was trying to ignore my furtive advances and trying to approach it in a professional manner as the day went on. I was getting a bit impatient at this point and so does my throbbing shaft inside my slacks.

Once office hours had ended, all of my staff left the building except me since the papers are piled up in my table and had to be approved by tomorrow, and my secretary who voluntarily extended her working hours to assist me.

Making sure that all of the people in the office have left, I notified the guard on duty that I will lock the door because I don’t want to be disturbed as I finish my papers. The guard nodded but in a glance I saw a slight grin on his face as he starts his inspection in the building.

After a few hours I ordered dinner to be delivered. We had a small talk as we quickly ate our food. Once done she fixed the leftovers and...

office stress (reliever)

Submitted by on April 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The week in the office has not been good. The phone lines are going on and off due to network repair, and my report papers are passed their deadlines. The powers that be are calling for blood right now because of my team’s poor performance in the office. The Vice –President, serving as a go-between me and the Board of Directors, ordered me to shape up and come up with a better report at the end of the month; otherwise my career in the company will be over.

The result was catastrophic on my part. I have become grouchy to my employees --- goading them, pushing them to work harder because if they don’t, well, they get the picture. As a result, most of my members were listless, some demoralized, others confused. They don’t know what to do with the task I gave them.

One day, after reporting for work early, I ordered my secretary to prepare the papers I assigned my staff to draft. I went straight to my office and began reading some reports for editing when a I received a call from a potential client. As I was talking on the phone my secretary, without permission quietly entered the room and casually locked the door and rolled the blinds down. I was silently surprised by this gesture as something very important had come up.

She walked and stood straight beside me. Without warning she kneeled in front of me and began to unzip my pants. I was surprised by my secretary’s behavior but can’t do anything about it because I was having a serio...