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A Stolen Night

Submitted by on June 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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We have waited for quiet a while
And now here is the time
For us to make each other feel
That the love we have is real

Our lips are locked as we move on our ways
Caressing, touching, exploring our bodies
I could feel how much you yearn at this instance
To quench my thirst for an intense romance

Hold me close, hold me tight
For this might be the only night
Tomorrow’s gonna be a different day
I’ll go back to my man, and you to your lady

They’d say it’s wrong, yes we both know
He owns me and she owns you
But each stolen moment that we share
Is such a bliss beyond compare

The people who know us, they are all blind
But then its’ okey, they will never understand
We’ll keep it this way, conceal and pretend
Hard , but it’s the only choice we’ve got in the end

I thank you for coming in to my life
The happiness you bring, I just could not describe
For a while I thought you just wanted to play
A game I feared the price I’d later pay

Heaven knows I tried my best
To get over you before its late
But each attempt I make to move away
Only brings me closer to you...

true wife confessions: Shay

Submitted by on May 15, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"Torn between two lovers,
Feeling like a fool.
Loving both of you, is breaking all the rules"

I’m a 35 working mother with two kids and a husband working abroad. My family life has been generally happy but my married life has been a bore due to the said reason hanggang sa pumasok si Shawn.

Actually high school classmate ko si Shawn na isa ring ofw. We were not that close acquainted, even during our high school reunion last year kaya nagulat na lang ako nang tumawag siya sa cellphone isang araw para humingi ng tulong sa para maghanap ng isang engagement ring and propose to his long-time gf. Sagot daw niya lahat – pamasahe, snacks, etc. Ayaw ko sanang samahan siya because it’s a working day. It’s an unplanned schedule that will drain my energy the next day. Siguradong mapapagod ako nang husto. Pero mapilit siya at makulit, na kesyo ituturing niyang malaking favor ito sa akin, na wala lang daw talaga siyang mapagkakatiwalaang ibang tao kundi ako lang daw, etc., etc.
Eventually, pumayag na rin ako.

Hindi na ako pumasok ng Biyernes. Alas 11:00 ng umaga ang usapan namin na magkita sa isang sikat na mall. I arrived 15 minutes and waited for him at the jewelry store.

At the exact time, dumating din siya but I was surprised because I was expecting a nerdy, chubby teen-aged boy in high school pero isa palang major hunk ang makakasama ko. Kahawig niya ngayon si Wendell Ramos, only more mor...