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Submitted by on January 29, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I don't owe anyone an explanation. Nevertheless, I think that it's high time for me to lay the cards down the table even if none of my officemates will ever be able to read this. At least I owe my other half self who questions the sanity, yes of the other half why I love working at nigh.

Regular office hours turn me into a fluster ball rolled into a plate of desiccated confusion. My boss asks me to do almost every bit of action that he has to do. I am like his body parts dettached from the main body in itself. If I could only chew, pee, take a potty and procreate (among other biological functions) for him, there's a huge chance for me to be doing those as well (yes exagge!). Not to mention the heavy phone calls, overwhelming internal and external favors, paper works, filings, etc...etc...etc...

I do not have a brain and a body to do all of that at a single time, atleast not everyday. Tulad ng server, na da-down din naman ako. And to cope with the stress I get during day time, I try to finish everything before I go home in anticipation of a busy tomorrow, thus the late night over time.

At night, there's peace. I have focus, and there's no demanding boss who would ask me to hand him a glass of water that is just within his reach (among other things). I can easily finish a single task without any fear of being bothered by anything or anyone. At night, I know that I am sane, or at least, I can lead myself to believe so.