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Where The F*ck Are You?

Submitted by on April 5, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Well, I just turned 20 today. Yay for me for avoiding death's scythe for this long. I don't really worry about it that much, but in that 20 long years, I never fell in love with any girl. There were times that I almost did, yet in the end it was not that real. So no girlfriend, ever. And no I'm definitely not gay. Some tried convincing me or made me think that I could be, but I'm just not into guys. Oh and guess what? Yup... virgin. Again... I never gave a fuck about these things. Until I started working. Being surrounded by people who are in love, with a family, broken hearted. It justsuddenly made me think... Where the fuck are you my fated one. Am I foolish for waiting for that girl who has the other end of my red string of fate? Well one of my best buds did say that I am too romantic, and too nice and gentle with women in that matter.

Who am I kidding... I always pictured the time when I will meet the right girl, and it goes a lil bit something like this. Time will stop, everytime she will smile. Our eyes meet then boom... I'm suddenly blown away. I want to meet someone who will make me want her. Disregard the looks, body, personality. I don't want to fall in love with just one or two or three aspects of a lady. I want to fall in love with everything and all she is. Her past love, past experiences... Heck! Even if she's no longer a virgin like me. I don't give a damn... God will know that once I see her smile... I will do everything, all the things I can and ca...

Day 11

Submitted by on October 6, 2016 (9 months ago)
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Boredom makes you do weird things, well, this is one of mine. Almost haven't slept for a day while writing this rubbish. Reasons? Nothing, I just don't feel like sleeping.

Made this account 11 days ago, but been here even waaay back. Couldn't make an account for some legality reasons. I'm not really into reading that much. No novels and such. Just here and some other sites, all erotic.

Met a lot of nice people, well, I guess if you consider talking to them for a few minutes counts. I started visiting the chat room on my 2nd day of signing up. It's neat. I could definitely compare it to a classroom. Except it's as if everyone else knows everyone else. Except for newbies. At first I was a bit skeptic about their inside jokes and such. Terms, nicknames, and what not. It's actually fascinating. Like a classroom full of students, I noticed who were obviously the main players, usuals. Then there's those who are incredibly nice. If there are nice, so there are... hmm... not nice (perhaps?) but I don't really know anyone so I won't judge. 

One thing I noticed, it's a bit frustrating to get noticed by the ones who you want to notice you. You just can't say "Notice me! Senpai!" like a flirty japanese chick with a high pitched voice. Or maybe it's just me. Lol.
Between you and me reader... I got my eye on this one woman. (Whom shall not be named) She's nice... like really nice, or perhaps I just misunderstood. Men always have a hard time differenti...