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Submitted by on September 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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On the spot again while I'm on the road..


I. A line from my part
Is still continuing everyday
As this life goes thru
I wonder where will it ends
But I'm sure as it goes by
You're still at the end of this road

II.a broken lines appear
Just like our life my dear
Even if its broken we still going in
As it fears me once again
I know you're still at the end of this line

III.as this yellow line appear
I know we can't enter this thing up
And passed my wings to fly
As the traffic ahead stop us
I know you're still at the end of the road

Sorry guys sobrang bz sa work e Hindi q mggwa un next chapter ng susulatin q at ung cheating rose 6 pasensya n tlaga nsa kalsada q ngaun kya ngwa q to.. Pasensya n po ulit...