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Matamis na Paghihiganti (Part 5)

Submitted by on August 3, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Hinawakan ko sa mga braso si Ariean at tiningnan kung okay na ba siya. Di siya makatingin sa akin, pinupunasan ang mga tumutulong luha sa kaniyang pisngi. Sayang na babae, ubod nang sipag, maasikaso sa lahat nang bagay sa buhay pero tulad nga nang kasabihan hindi lahat ay napapasa iyo. Humihibik nang tahimik at muli yumakap nanaman sa aking bisig. Ramdam ko ang higpit nang kaniyang pagyakap. Dama ko na ngayon ang kaakit akit na katawan nang asawa noong tao na yumuyurak sa aking pangalan at pagkatao.

"Ariean, tahan na."

"Bakit nagawa nila ito sa atin, bakit...?"

"Ewan ko Ariena, ewan ko..."

"BASTARD! He's gonna pay for doing this! After all the shit i've just watched he and your slut wife are both going to suffer for doing this!"

"Easy there, let's both talk about it and decide on what we're going to do in getting proper justice."

"What do you propose to do?"

"Well, i've thought about the solutions which summizes this problem. however, because of my sons and reputation we both carry it would be devastating if it were to become public. And you know how the media loves to have such a scoop in these matter. It would affect not only those who are dear to us but also of our businesses and other associates. We might just lose everything if it comes to a terrible divorce proceeding. Including that...

Matamis na Paghihiganti (Part 4)

Submitted by on August 1, 2012 (5 years ago)
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"That is correct, and you are?..."

"I'm Ms.Ariane's personal secretary. My name is Jo. she did'nt inform me that your scheduled appointment was this morning; that's why you were'nt immediately permitted to come up here in the penthouse floor of the company. I informed her of your presence at the lobby, she told me to have you be brought up here expediciously. And now her you are..."

"Ah yes, it was quiet imposing of me to have an immediate meeting with her this morning."

"And what would be so important for her to have such a meeting with you?"

"It's rather quiet personal Ms. Jo. I'd preffer it would be just between the two of us."

"Really now, I am her most trusted employee and I assure you i'm the one she always entrust with such delicate work."

"Believe me my dear, don't jump on conclusions that it's always you who does the work of your boss..."

"That will be all Jo!"

Napaikot silang 2 nang sekretarya sa tunog nang boses.

"Good morning M, please excuse my secretary for her being too forward. She's just doing her job."

"Good morning to you too Arieane. That's alright with me, I would'nt blame her for being intruisive on what i'm here for; I did come in such short notice..."...