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And I Miss IT So

Submitted by on November 21, 2013 (4 years ago)
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You smiled, I took a deep breath and a soft moan escaped my lips when your mouth claimed mine and our tongues dueled for control.

Your left hand pulled my body closer to you while your right was cupping my breast, doing traces along my nipples urging them to surrender to your touch. Those three motions combined sent a thousand shivers down my spine that I had to wrap my arms around your neck clinging for support.

Our breaths were ragged when you finally let go of my mouth. Then you eased down and planted kisses on my neck, my collarbone and my soft breasts. You tasted, nibbled and sucked my erect nips. I pushed you down to my belly and even further until I could feel your warm breath against my mound.

You buried your face between my thighs, licked me up and down, used your tongue to draw circles on my bud and finally sucked my core which opened the floodgates of my first orgasm.

Then you guided me to lie on my stomach and you positioned yourself on top of me. My body was tensed with anticipation for your every movement and I gasped when I felt your hard manhood gaining entrance into my dripping glory.

I bit my lips when the full length of you had finally invaded my soul.

With your left hand pinching my nipple and your right teasing my wet pea, you started rocking my body with your deep thrusts. Ahhhhhhh.... Why did it feel so right to be your mate?

I was totally lost in the music which our bodies