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Let’s start off with, I completely love and adore that man to death, lets face it, it’s pretty damn hard not to.

I couldn't have chosen a more perfect person to have had by my side, and I am so grateful, honored and happy for all the memories we shared. For those of you who know him, I don’t need to tell you how amazing he is, inside and out, you all already know. For those who haven’t, here is just a handful of examples why he is amazing, in dot points.

•He is the only man I know who wear maong pants and black shoes combo.

•With ease, I’ve seen him make smile a kid snot, a sour sue and a grumpy old man. I have seen him light up an endless amount of eyes, as they watched him.

•He is always up for an endless amount of laughs, snorting and honking away.

•He will always tell me how amazing cook I am even if I know for the fact that I am not.

•He can make a tomboy fell for him in an instance.

•He is a good provider.

•He's drop dead gorgeous.

The list of small examples goes on and on in my mind, as the list grew and grew I found myself beside the most beautiful person I have met or may ever meet. From 'friendship' to ‘love’ I became “in love’ and our journey through life together left no regrets.

Even though him and I have decided to go our separate ways, this whole experience hasn't turned me off love, it hasn't made me fear it, nor have I...

One last look . . .

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One last look . . .***mawv 5:02am 101114
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My mobile phone kept on beeping while I was about to sleep .. When I looked at it, I saw my bestfriends several messages. One of them that stood out was a message that said, "check your FB, I sent you a message .." ..
So I did, thinking that it might be extremely important or else, she wouldn't even bother sending me messages at 4am!!
Typical reaction of a woman who would have read her bestfriend's message would have been that of elation.
But when I  saw what she sent, I felt sadness and mused over the fact, that not so long ago, I too was in that situation.
My bestfriend - - knowing that I do not check my Euro ex's FB & his "present" lovelife, - -was very "obliging" enough to share what she found out from his "current" girl.

"I just want a man who will love me more than i love my self...
Honest, loyal and respect me,
Nothing else..."

And what she found out from my ex's relationship status was - - - single . . .

I wrote her back and said to her that I appreciated her gesture and her good intentions. But reminded her that when I let him go, I also let go of my emotions that came with him ... In fact, it was almost 4 years overdue ...