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The Gatekeeper Theory

Submitted by on January 23, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I'm a believer of what I call the Gatekeeper Theory. I first came across this while channel surfing and stumbled upon an episode of Cougar Town, wherein they discussed that women are gatekeepers in a relationship. This started the seed of this theory.

My issue with what was said in CougarTown is that it restricted gatekeepers to women. I think that gatekeepers can be of any gender, including those who associate to being LGBTs.

Anyway, the basic premise of this theory requires two persons. Lets call them A and B for now. Like I said earlier, both A and B can be of any gender. Now let's have A making advances towards B, whether because A is courting B or because they met at a bar and are both looking for a one night hook up or anything in between. Because B is in the receiving end of the advances, let's imagine a fence surrounding B and that there is gate on this fence which is being guarded by B. So B, being the reciver of the advances of A, is the gatekeeper. So B now has to decide whether or not to allow A past the gate and into the fence. If B is amenable to A's advances, then s/he says yes and allows A past the gate. If B says no, then the gate is kept closed and A stays outside the fence.

Further points to remember in this theory are:

1. If B says no, then A can't jump or knock down our imaginary fence and gate. Because if A does so, that now counts as rape.

2. If at anytime B is drugged by A, then that counts as also...

When does it end?

Submitted by on January 31, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Lately there has been a number of situations or hints that a relationship has come to its end.I for 1 have been into 1 very long and a number of short ones too.Now,don't prejudge me yet because i'll admit i'm by nature is flirty in manner.A lot of times its of curiosity as to of what tickles the other party of why its me who gets into it and then secretly we meet and something happens or not happens.
A lot of times when i'm into the chat page of the site I can't help it but flirting with others is a norm already for me.Thus,it creates the impression that i'm "slick" in getting into the lives of these women.
I never intended but somehow it comes to there.
Today I spent it with 1 of the women here.We both settled our issues and decided its best to let it just go as it want it to be.
"What am I to you?"
"You are my LOVER,I am your LOVER."
No more no less and nothing else.Its not easy to have it existing because the possibility of being exposed is always there as a threat.Not only for me but also for the other person.Yet like a persistent itch somewhere in your body you know your going to keep on scratching it till it satisfies that "itch" in you.
Is it "fair" you wish it were always for both of you,yet 1 has to suffer and the other 1 does'nt.

"Alam mo kahit anong laki at sama nang nagawa mo,sa aking buhay.Makausap at madinig ko ang boses mo sa kabila nang telepono,nawawala ang hapdi sa pananakit mo sa aking puso."
"Pag kasama na...