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It Happened to Me AGAIN!!!

Submitted by on November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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I have a confession to made.

This happened few weeks back.

I have 2 contant textmate and callmate. A Single Mom and a Young One. Although i knew Young One first but i became close to Single Mom because im taking for granted the Young One.

I will first confess my experience with Single Mom and then with Persistent

I became close to Single Mom because im looking for a ladies perfective in my problem. Single Mom and i spend long hours talking on the phone and text. In between our calls and text and also reply to Young one's texts. In between those texts and calls shes teasing me if "Kaya pa ba? Baka hanggang salita ka  lang." I answered back with "Its for you to find out."After 1 week of flirt calls and text Single Mom and I decided to meet. She said that she has to attend a seminar in a province to the north. When i said that i have a client there we decided to meet there but before our decided date to meet i told here that im not sure that we could meet because my client has not yet approved my job order.

When we meet she told me thats shes starving and wants to eat. She told me what are the foods to avoid. While we are eating i cant help myself staring at her. After finishing our food she gave me my bus ticket which she reserved. Out of nowhere something came up. Our plan has been cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Ever since we came back to Manila i never recieved calls or texts from her. In m...