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Submitted by on September 1, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Your tears are pains in the heart
To see you dwell in a shallow dark
It cripples the desires to see the light
To struggle is to survive, for us to see the brighter side

Through the dark of days, the light of night
I wish to share you a better Life
Life its seems a bitter place, But we do lived
Through as it never ends

Hearthaches, broken promises, shattered dreams
Are intend for a greater Life to seek
We who defy's the Pain, will truly see better days
For HOPE is what He gives, for us to do the Test...

( Listening to Metallica's " Unbleeding ME " while writing. PEACE and LOVE )


kung alam lang nila

Submitted by on April 17, 2014 (4 years ago)
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while i was kunyari naging busy-busyhan sa work ko, i was listening to the conversations ng mga kasama ko sa office.palibhasa everyone was looking forward sa long vacay kaya kahit tambak pa paper works very relax ang athmosphere sa office.they were laughing that caught my attention kaya ni lower ko volume ng headset ko to eavesdrop on them.i didn't want them kasi to be concious of my presence kaya i pretended i was busy sa computer..they were discussing about..what else? S E X. the two guys from my department was teasing the gurls, pero game naman yung mga gurls.hindi nagpatalo sa mga lalaki.tawa sila ng tawa. then i overheard someone asked " si Mam Lou kaya may sex life ba talaga yan" and naghagikhikan sila, i wanted to laugh out loud but decided to keep quiet..haayy kung alam nyo lang.

Di naman ako ultra conservative.Di naman ako Manang na Manang.Maybe i have my own reservations about certain issues pero di naman ako illiberal. If only alam lang nila na am fond of reading adult stories and wants to write din one day and from time to time engage in sexual convos, I've had my share of SOP's and SOT's and had sexual experiences from my past relationships including a married guy. I do watch porn and checked on adult sites. Sa office kasi they think na pag sumasagot ako sa mga tanong nila about sex parang feeling nila sinasakyan ko lang yung mga tanong nila. Feeling nila di ko kayang sabihin ang words na..kantot..titi..pussy..at kung ano-ano pang mahalay na salita bak...