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To The Guy Who Was Never Really Mine

Submitted by on May 14, 2015 (3 years ago)
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My mind says, it should be over it by now. But my heart says, go on...because there are still a few chapters left in the story. Maybe at the end of the story, I will find the happy ending that I've been looking for.

..... But the lasting proof of my emotion is the half of the world fears.
I fell in love with you.. Everything about you is an interesting subject. Everything is a surreal feelings: Messages that came back and forth. Messages that I love to read all over again. The feeling of "kilig". The "melting knees" feeling. And.. And everything is like a perfect reality.

UNTIL the day of strong typhoon came and washed out every details in our story.

Maybe my mind is right. There was never an "US". It's just "YOU" and "ME". And whatever you called this relationship... it should be over now. Maybe I should wake up into reality. Maybe I should know when to step on the stop pedal for this heartbreak.

I felt sad to look back on those time that I was crazy about you. Crazy about the way you told me that you loved me. Crazy about your "bolero" moves. Crazy about your voice. Crazy about all the lies and shits and "love" you gave to me. Crazy about everything.. everything about you. Crazy. I was crazy. Because I fell for your cliches, because everything sounded too good to be true.

Everything has been said and done what I had was...

Drafts Drafts Draft Drafts - Call Me Draft Punk

Submitted by on March 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Drafts Drafts Draft Drafts - Call Me Draft PunkCan't believe I've been pouring over dozens of drafts lately. My ideas are getting out of control for this past few weeks. I already remember the time when I had nothing to do, or to write 'coz my head is like a bottomless abyss.

Nagkamali yata ako sa pagadvance na pagsulat ng mga drafts at plot synopsis, dahil na dederail na ang storya.

I think a break is a great idea, maybe for this whole week. Just to polish the gears in my head.

I dont want to have too much backlog in the office and too much time worrying about plot details. But anyway, I'm starting to love writing. And I mean love it, to the point that I realized I wrote a whole chapter when I was in the office. Crap. I couldn't stand the thought of not writing the hot and steamy scenes floating in my head at the time. LOL.

Fetish: Nagaalburuto agad ang junior ko pagnakakaisip ako ng office scenes, mga secretary na plunging neckline ang mga suot, mga cleavage na nag-hi at hello bawat segundo, mga toilet quickies... haaayyy. Ay nako, office girl yata ang trip ko lately. LOL. *picture related, too much cleavage, the dress couldn't even contain it* :D 


Reading Hard - Writing Harder

Submitted by on March 6, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Reading Hard - Writing HarderReading stories here is so fucking hard.

All the trouble of scrolling, navigating, clicking using only your left hand. Using a mouse or a track pad is hard enought, how about a tablet? (1) you need to hold it up firmly (2) you've got to scroll to the next lines or paragraphs. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

How about your peripherals? Tissue? Lotion? A seat, or couch that wont absorb moisture? Damn, doing the business is hard! 

My solution? Get help! LOL. But, seriously. As what I realized from a comment on one of my submissions.

Kung ikaw pa lang ay hindi na-iistimulate sa mga sinulat mo, paano pa kaya ang magbabasa.
The sentence is not verbatim, mind you. The point was, if you're imagination and the way you put it into words is not stimulating enough for you, paano pa dun sa babasa?

So with that in mind, I realized that I would need to be satisfied first so that the readers would be satisfied at the same level as my expectation or higher if its possible.

Kaya bilib ako sa mga nagsusulat ng mga erotica. Napaisip tuloy ako kung ilang beses nila sinubukang basahin at piliting hindi sila tigasan o mabasa dahil sa mga sinulat nila. Ito'y upang mahimay nila kung talaga bang nakaka-libog ang mga istorya nila. LOL. 

Naalala ko tuloy yung mga screenwriter para sa mga bomba movies dati, o kahit hanggang ngayon. Paano pa kaya kung ikaw na nagsulat ng dialog nila, ikaw pa...

Long vs Short ----- Stories

Submitted by on March 3, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Long vs Short ----- StoriesI've read a number of adequately long stories here. What I mean are chapters that consist of multiple scenes.

I'ts makes me wonder how they - the writers - put a specific pace for each scene wherein it won't be so rigorous that the whole chapter could be one steamy pile of humping on one corner of a room, which brings me to short stories.

Short stories on the other hand, I've read alot of this that makes use of scene by scene chapters. Every chapter is a specific setting, a room, a car, a long conversation somewhere - which always caps off with a loud "Uuummfffpp!". laughing

I've been reading my manuscripts, "Confirm Friend Request #1" for example is an amalgamation of brain-fudging scene jumping horror of a story - FYI: di po horror yung istorya, erotic din po iyon. LOL. laughing

On the otherhand, the prologue "Confirm Friend Request" is a correctly paced single scene structure. Which I would say, is my first and foremost best write-up. 

Badtrip lang yung chapter 1, akala ko makakagawa ako ng isang medium sized chapter. html>...

Cross Over Stories!

Submitted by on February 27, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Pinakamasayang naisip ko buong week! Cross over stories!

Syempre sobrang hirap nun! Alam mo bang di lang sa hangin nanggagaling ang ideya!? LOL. Kaya ito, aayusin ko na ang format ng "Confirm Friend Request" pero di ko naman iibahin ang istorya. Naisip ko lang kasi, dahil sa ilang manuscript na isinulat ko eh, parang ang gulo nga ng "present-backward-forward-present-forward-backward-etc" timeframe jumps. 

Gulong-gulo ako ng binasa ko  - nitong nakaraang linggo lang - ulit yung first chapter.

Syempre and topic nitong post ay, yung "Cross Over Stories" at yun nga ang balak ko sa mga ginagawa kong storya. Sana makatulong itong pagsusulat ko para ma-exercise ko naman ang utak ko ulit. Puro kasi kalokohan ang mga ginagawa ko nitong nakaraan.

Kaya mga kaibigan, kabalitaan, at kachokaran. Hintay lang po, pagna publish ko na yung mga stories eh papahimay ko po sa inyo ng malaman nating kung tumino nga ang topic organization ko sa utak.

PS: Ang mga pagsusulat ko dito ay exercise ko sa sarili, para maituwid ko ang aking mental capability. Nababaliw na yata ako sa trabaho ko eh. :D...