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Where The F*ck Are You?

Submitted by on April 5, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Well, I just turned 20 today. Yay for me for avoiding death's scythe for this long. I don't really worry about it that much, but in that 20 long years, I never fell in love with any girl. There were times that I almost did, yet in the end it was not that real. So no girlfriend, ever. And no I'm definitely not gay. Some tried convincing me or made me think that I could be, but I'm just not into guys. Oh and guess what? Yup... virgin. Again... I never gave a fuck about these things. Until I started working. Being surrounded by people who are in love, with a family, broken hearted. It justsuddenly made me think... Where the fuck are you my fated one. Am I foolish for waiting for that girl who has the other end of my red string of fate? Well one of my best buds did say that I am too romantic, and too nice and gentle with women in that matter.

Who am I kidding... I always pictured the time when I will meet the right girl, and it goes a lil bit something like this. Time will stop, everytime she will smile. Our eyes meet then boom... I'm suddenly blown away. I want to meet someone who will make me want her. Disregard the looks, body, personality. I don't want to fall in love with just one or two or three aspects of a lady. I want to fall in love with everything and all she is. Her past love, past experiences... Heck! Even if she's no longer a virgin like me. I don't give a damn... God will know that once I see her smile... I will do everything, all the things I can and ca...