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Closet Stories: Lade (Working Coed)

Submitted by on June 16, 2016 (11 months ago)
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I’m a 4th year graduating HRM student in a community college. Working student ako at nagtatrabaho bilang service crew. Napasulat lang ako dahil sa isang memorable sexperience last year.

Sa totoo lang kulang na kulang ang panggastos kapag kita lang sa pagse-service crew ang aasahan ko kaya gumigimik din ako sa plaza kapag kailangan talaga ang pera.

Tulad ng nakaraang araw, nagkasabay ang bayaran sa boarding house at enrolment kaya pagkatapos ng shift ko sa fastfood joint ay saglit na umuwi ako sa bahay para magbihis ng body fit na t-shirt at labas na singit na shorts para madaling mapansin ng mga lalaki.

Tumayo ako saglit sa kanto ng plaza hanggang sa dumating ang isang patrol car at tumigil sa harapan ko. Pasimple akong bumunot ng 200 sa ibabaw ng bra ko at ibinigay kay sarhento, pahiwatig na hindi na ako magpapabugaw dahil mas malakas mag-kickback ang mga ito lalo na kapag grupo silang lalapit.

Umupo ako sa bangko nang naka-dekwarto habang nagyoyosi.ilang oras din akong nagpalipat-lipat ng pwesto sa plaza pero mag-hahatinggabi na ay wala pa ring lalaking gustong yayain ako bagamat may mga ilan na nagpapakita ng interest pero kalaunan ay umaatras; yung iba naman ay nakakakuha pero mas trip lang siguro ang manang ang dating.

Hindi ko naman sila masisisi kung umaatras sila sa akin; kumpara sa mga ka-kumpetensiya ko, mas bata ako sa kanila; mas sexy at mas malaman (chubby kasi ako) sa kurba kong 37-30-38. Sabi nga ng...

SOC - Sex On Class Finale

Submitted by on February 2, 2016 (1 year ago)
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"I love you, Chrissie!”, Mr. Antonio passionately told her then kissed her lips torridly.

She welcomed his kiss with her mouth slightly open. Their tongues meet inside her mouth. When suddenly, someone called!

“Hey, Chrissie you're day dreaming, again? Hihihi!”, Chrissie’s seatmate asked her.

She blushed in humiliation ‘cause it’s true.

Chrissie frowned at her classmate and looked at her professor, Mr. Antonio who’s giving them a lesson. The memories from their sex encounter is still fresh in her mind.

“Ok, class that’s it for today. Review, for we will have a long quiz tomorrow!”, Mr. Antonio told his students as he dismissed his class.

Before leaving the room, Chrissie received a text message.

“Go to the teacher’s women comfort room. Ill meet you there.”

She looked at her prof but he was just sitting in his chair.

Chrissie doesn’t know what to do. She still has subjects to attend to and the place is in the fourth floor of the building. But the urge was so strong that her feet led her to the said meeting place.

She looked if someone might see her before going inside.

It doesn’t take long before Mr. Antonio came. She cant stand his lustful stare, so she turns her back at him.

“I knew you would come.”, Mr. Antonio said to her as he stands behind her.

He then slipped his hand inside h...

SOC - Sex On Class 2

Submitted by on February 1, 2016 (1 year ago)
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"Sir, please! What can I do, just to pass your subject?", Chrissie pleaded to her professor.

"What can you do? Are you really serious about that, Miss Flores?", Mr. Antonio asked her beautiful and sexy student. Menacingly grinning!

"Yes, Sir. My Dad will kill me if I fail!", Chrissie innocently replied.

"Meet me at the faculty office after school!"

Chrissie waits 'til all of the teachers left the office before she gathered the courage to push the door open. But there is no one at the office, not even Mr. Antonio.

Then suddenly she received a text message, "Go to room 213".

Chrissie seems to remember the number, but don't know who was it from.

Her feet led her to the said room. She knocked at the door....

"Come in, Chrissie", Mr. Antonio's voice.

She pushed the door open and sees Mr. Antonio sitting at a dark corner. Chrissie walks slowly towards her prof.

"Stop, right there!", her professor told her. She was near the table in front of the class room.

"Are you sure about this, Chrissie? Im not forcing you, you can still decline!", Mr. Antonio said to his student.

Nervous but determined, Chrissie nods. She's not that innocent, she has an idea, what her professor wants.

"Ok, Miss Flores, take your blouse of, slowly.", her professor commanded.

"Sir, its Chrissie.", she replied while unbuttoning her blou...

SOC - Sex On Class

Submitted by on January 30, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Chrissie just got to her first subject in school when she received an anonymous message. Its kind of naughty but she cant resist reading it.

"I want to make you wet, Chrissie. Just read on, my dear."

"Who are you?".., Chrissie replied.

"Its not important. Well, look at your seatmate. If his a he, imagine letting him touch you in your thighs, gently rubbing it 'til it reach your crotch, then your pussy."

Chrissie looked at her seatmate and sees her nerd classmate.

"Ohh, he's ugly, Sir!"

"Don't mind his looks, his fingers are more important. Lick it with your mouth, then guide him to slid it in your hole, let him finger you. Moan with no sounds, Chrissie. Someone might notice you."

"You will cum with his fingers, two of them. He will come close to you, you will secretly kiss. You will tell him to come with you in women comfort room, so he could fuck you."

Chrissie felt really hot from that thoughts. One of her fantasies.

But their professor looked at her. So, she bowed her head, like she is busy reading a book.

"Mauuna ka sa cr, pero hindi siya makakasunod. Kaya magfifinger ka roon. Moaning, thinking your alone."..., the texts continues to come.

"But someone was there, no two! Lovers, also fucking!"

"They will tell you....., Join us, Chrissie. And you will oblige. You will let the lovers please you."

"The girl was sucking...